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Are there any female violin makers?


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I go to Pia Klaembt and Andrew Finnigan for my Setup work and Sound Adjustment. They make fantastic Instruments and are great People to go to for Sound adjustment, know how to put a stressed out cellist at ease. The improvement that their Sound Adjustment causes always makes me end up wondering why I didnt take my Cello there sooner.

The Music School I work at has its Instruments serviced by Christoph Teichmann and Katrin Merkli, and many of my students rent or buy Instruments from them.

In total, there are about 6 violin shops (some of them with several employees) that I or my students regularly go to. One is owned by a female lutier (and has improved a lot since she took over).

So all in all, they are not as common as male violin makers yet, but the number of female violin makers is definately on the rise here in Germany. I do not believe there is any prejudice against them at all over here anymore.

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On 1/19/2020 at 3:52 PM, Brad Dorsey said:

I should have said over 100.

She travels between Montreal and Boston every few months.  If you live somewhere not too far from that route, I expect she'd be glad to bring you one to try.

I have a couple students at MIT and at Yale, and one of them is still hunting a nice cello. I told him to look her up.

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I have fello makers and restorers in Liverpool UK. I sold my cello, I restored to a fellow luthier, Jan Shelley. If you want I can get it off him and sell it to you. I wanted it back for a while now. He says he will sell it back to me for £500. As he has worked on it himself after buying it for a pittance from myself. It's very well worth the price as it's had top notch restoration on it. It's a Galliano. More likely not. More likely a Florenzian from late 1700s.

I don't really think I can play cello. I can't but on that cello I can. What upsets me is that I would love to get it back off him for myself as just restored a Tourte cello bow, and I spent so ling on the cello. It's big. Very easy to play and it took me many months of day in day out restoration. No back cracks, however, the centre seem had to be drawn back together, the neck was broken and Jeffrey Holmes, as well as others told me how to repair it successfully and I managed to do so.

If this is worthwhile me keeping I would but I don't have time to become a cellust, shamefully. I would love that instrument back though myself. So it is good. Very good. Ya!

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18 hours ago, filimonovfineviolins said:

Alina Kostina is a fabulous maker who spends half the time in Seattle and the other in Eugene, Oregon with David Gusset.

She won a Cert. of Merit in VSA 2016

Alina is one of many who have attained a very high level.

She claims that she is Ukrainian-born, but is quite willing to joke around about being Russian, even a Russian spy. :D

Really neat and smart gal! :)

But I will again ask why anyone cares about gender any more. Aren't there so many talented people in the two-to-twenty genetic or self-described identities, that it doesn't matter any more, compared to the results one can produce?

If I were in the market for a good fiddle or bow, I wouldn't give a rip about whether the maker was male, female. or whatever.

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1 hour ago, joerobson said:

Perhaps worth noting...our crew at the Varnish Workshop is usually a third women.


Only 1/3rd? Have you tried giving recruitment presentations in "knitting circles"? 

Just kidding, kind-of. I once met a really neat woman at a female engineers convention, who I later found out was also involved in a "sewing circle" with some other "movers and shakers" in my area. :)

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