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best violin duets (unaccompanied)


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I recently was listening a Wieniawski violin duet, which I recorded from a radio program some years ago (Performance today). I would like to know why are there no established "great" duets as there are for unaccompanied violin, or violin and Orchestra (Bach)? I believe that this is a fantastic combination. Was it overlooked by the major composers? Did the violinist-composers simply concentrate on solo violin? Or is there something inherently difficult about writing well for 2 violins alone?

Does anyone have suggestions as to what other duets should be listened to or played? In looking through the Shar catalog I see many works, but are any of great musical value? I am familiar with the J.C. Bach, but are there others of merit? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The Leclair duos are very nice. Sarasate has a flashy little showpiece for two violins, although I can't think of what it's called right now. Also the Prokofiev sonota, Bartok duos, and Moszkowski (? I think... or does that include a piano?). I'm sure there are others out there too; these are just the ones I've heard.

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I love the Bartok 44 duos for two violins. Some of them are very easy and some of them are very complex rhythmically. They were the first real, unadulterated music I played (with my teacher). Some people consider them merely student pieces, but Perlman and Zuckerman recorded them so ...

Telemann's Canonic Sonatas are also fun. They are more intermediate level pieces but they sound good.

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The Bartok duos are so cool and a ton of fun to play. I would definitely reccomend those.

Also, Schnittke's Prelude in Memory of Shostakovich is also a great piece. According to Schnittke, the second violin part was supposed to be play behind stage or be recorded and played as a second voice by a tape player. My teacher and his wife gave the American premiere of this piece. My teacher was going to play back stage while the sound would come out from the speakers on stage. Everything worked fine during the rehearsal, but at the performance, one of the stage workers tuned the amplifier to a different wave and they heard a radio news broadcast instead of the second violin part. They fixed it quickly, but an LA Times critic wrote that "Schnittke used an innovative technique of combining radio broadcast with violin solo...."

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my original post. I now have great resources for pursuing the duet literature. My partner in the duet and I continue working on the DeBeriot and will take up some of the others eventually.

It occured to me today that a great duet for an experienced and a not-so-experienced violin duo would be the Bach Chaconne with the added chorale part recently believed to be have been based on Bach's requiem for his deceased first wife? Would this work for two violins?

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