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Hey all.

To all of you you've probably never heard of me. I have been posting here about 1 year now, but the past few months I really posted anything. Don't get me wrong...I log on everyday and faithfully check what is going on, I just never really have reply's.

My point...MAESTRONE5 ROCKS...YAY FOR IT But I don't know about you, sometimes I just liketo check out other places. So if you haven't been to this place check it out. It has a chat room, survey's and a disscussion forum at http://www.fiddlefork.com..

To the administarter's I am not trying to take people away, in fact I told the people at that place to check maestronet out. But sometimes a change of scenery is nice, dont' you think. HAPPY WANDERINGS!!! color>

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Hey fiddlechick, I seen you around but not for a while. Like you, I usually keep a pretty low profile myself.

Im not really big on the fiddle but I love the violin with all my heart.

I like to visit different forums also and have been spending some time in the forum at violinist.com lately.

Someone mentioned Lydia (LWL) moved to a different forum but Im not sure which one. I miss hearing from her and Toscha, two of my favorite old timers. Its great to see Aman and Jane still posting in here! Anyone know the forum Lydia moved to?

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