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Semifinal round of Indianapolis Violin Competition


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By the way... I've seen Sergey Khachatryan, we talked a lot... He was at Jean Sibelius competition, he won the 1st price He has at least almost perfect technique. He was 15 years old I think. Personally I didn't like he's Paganini caprices, because he played them so fast... Too fast. He's coming to Finland again next year and I'm sure about that I'll be listening to him. Sorry for bad english.

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Yes indeed :-). I only had a chance to hear day 4, and recorded some of it. Sergey is quite a talent! of course everyone played quite well, but he is fast indeed! I am very interested to hear more of this if I have the opportunity to tune in. What a wonderful event and nice of the Indianapolis competition to allow us this chance to hear the events. BRAVO to all.

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Inkinen did get a nice (although very short) mention in the Indianapolis newspaper:

"Pietari Inkinen, a 22-year-old Finnish musician and Sunday's lone male violinist, built beautiful phrasing and played with an almost impish flair. His program included Tchaikovsky's "Melodie," parts of the Bach G minor Sonata and Caprices No. 13 and 24."

(Indianapolis Star, 9/9/02)

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Soovin Kim

Frank Huang

Alina Pogostkin

Barnabas Keleman

Susie Park

Sergey Khachatryan

A lot of familiar names! I'm rooting for Soovin Kim because of his playing and because we were both in the same youth orchestra (albeit a few years apart).

Listen to the final round Wednesday through Saturday starting at 8:00pm. I will be!


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If you don't have the most recent version of Media Player, you might try downloading an upgrade and giving that a try. I had some trouble at first too (I'm on a Mac) and downloading a new copy of MP seemed to work for me. You'll also get an error if you try to log on before the webcast is up. They've been running late almost every day so if you tried to listen in at 9am sharp you probably got an error. The finals should start on time, though -- I'm sure no one wants to pay the orchestra overtime.

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Nah, I have to wait until tonight like everyone else. Personally, my vote would be (1) Sergey Khachatryan, (2) Barnabas Kelemen, and (3) Soovin Kim. But I'm expecting the jury to go with (1) Barnabas Kelemen, (2) Sergey Khachatryan, and (3) Alina Pogostkin. My favorites overall were actually Sergey and Soovin, although unfortunately both guys had "off" nights for the Romantic finals and I'm not sure how much that will affect their scores. But all the finalists this year are great players and I enjoyed everyone's performances. Janos Starker made a comment that sums it up pretty well: There is only one winner, but there are no losers.

I got to see all four nights of the finals in person. Listening over the radio or webcast, you forget how much stage demeanor and stage presence affect a performance. Barnabas Keleman is a tremendous performer; he's tall, lanky, and bearded and has a very magnetic personality on stage. One of the local newspapers described him as "swashbuckling" and it fits pretty well. Alina Pogostkin also has fantastic stage presence and a real ability to connect with the crowd -- she's been a big audience favorite throughout the finals. Sergey is very intense (I can't help but think of Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights) and plays with his head down, violin almost cradled against his cheek, which is a playing style I'm especially partial to. Susie Park and Soovin Kim are both very elegant and polished; Soovin in particular is an exceptionally still player on stage, he moves very little. Frank Huang is more extroverted -- unfortunately, he's playing with an injury and I think it's affected his performances in the finals. I'd love to hear him again when he's playing at 100%.

My opinions only. As always, your mileage may vary.

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