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Hey all.. I was just wondering how many of you have made tapes/CDs of your violin performance in applying to a college and what difference that made on your acceptance and god forbid.. your denial.i will be doing this in the next month and would like to know if they even listen to the thing, or if im wasting my money (they are pretty expensive) thx!

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I would say the most important issues no matter what school you apply to are 1) Intonation 2) Tone 3) Rhymic precision 4) Phrasing. Most schools would ask for scales to begin with. In those at least I look for the 2 first qualities, intonation and tone, not necessarily speed.

Also to keep in mind is the difficulty of the repertoire you play. All being in place, pitch and tone, the difficulty of the pieces you play can determine the quality of the school you may be accepted at. In general is best to play well even though the repertoire is simple.

As far as listening to the tapes? I think all do. It just happens that at times, when there is a great pool of applicants, and is rather obvious at the begining of the tape that pitch and tone are not up to part, some just stop listening to the rest of the tape and go on to the next applicant.

Hope this helps a bit


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AnnaM - Are you talking about applying for regular admission and sending a CD as supporting material or are you planning on auditioning for music school? They will require different things.

If you are planning on majoring in something other than music and want to send in a CD of your playing hoping it will give you and edge in admission, whether or not to send one will really depend on where you are applying.

If you are applying to music schools, you may have to make a tape. Several of the schools my son looked at required a tape as well as audition. If you let us know what you are looking at, we might be able to better answer your question.

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thx for all comments, let me clarify: I'm applying to colleges (not music schools), and I will not be majoring in music, but I might end up joining the orchestra @ the college, depending on where I end up and the groups available there. so yes.. the CD will be supporting material, not req. by the application.

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Look at the college's music department's web site. They usually list their policy- some have a time limit or an earlier deadline for tapes (Vassar's deadline for tapes is December 15, but the application isn't due until January 1st). They also often say whether the tapes will help or not. I can't see how it would hurt your application and it would probably help it. I'm doing the same thing...I'm applying Early Decision, I think, so I have to get recording.

Fellow senior in college admissions hell,


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