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celtic guitar chords


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would some celtic guitarist be so kind as to help me with some tunes? i've got a chance to play with a good guitarist with a strong folk background and it really throws me for a loop when a modal song gets back-up with a I-IV-V major progression.

i can't find any sites that have just back up chords for celtic tunes. i don't need the music written out, if any one could just write them out for me separated out into lines and parts (like a and :), i can figure out where they go.

i'd like chords for these tunes:

Golden Castle

Celtic Society's Quickstep

42nd Highlanders


Gravel Walks



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I used to play alot of guitar back-up for Irish/British tunes, and IMO it certainly requires a different approach than staight folk accompaniament.

I learned by copying! Michaill O'Domnaill, in his work with the Bothy Band and Kevin Burke, practically created the genre, although he would be sure to credit influences such as Martin Carthy, etc. And since Michaill recorded those classic records, tons of great albums with outstanding guitar have been made: anything by Altan and Solas, for example.

Many, perhaps most Celtic guitarists employ DADGAD tuning, which certainly lends itself to that ethereal modal sound.

I realize that you probably know all this and are simply looking for written out parts for particular tunes. They may be out there, but if not, coax your friend to listen, study the style, and creat his own parts - it's more satisfying in the long run, anyway.

Good luck!

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woo-boy, i sure don't get this new format.

crystal: good to see you again! hope you're doing well. i was sorry to hear about your dad.

haven't had a chance to lurk on posts. been real busy. still have my e-mail? if not, i'll send it.

catman: thanks. yes, alot of what you've said is what i've learned in my search for simple guitar chords. i.e. there's usually no such thing. i'd be very interested in learning all this but unfortunately i'm so busy trying to learn to fiddle, that i don't have the time to work on guitar.

candace: thanks. that's exactly what i was looking for. wish there were more sites like that.

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