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Info on an italian Violin (I think)


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Hi everyone Long time no post! (I have been very involved getting ready for my first child, Few more days ).

I found an italian violin in a junk shop (I was looking for a winter project) and was wondering if anyone had any information about the maker.


Hand Written

Carantino Marino (not sure about the first name)

Facit in

Naples 5-4 1928 (could also read naplei)

I also got another one that I think is German ,it simply labled "The Soloist". the reason I think that it is German is that the pattern seems to be the exact measurments (Curves , F-Hole pattern, Scrole is exact duplicate) of another German one I have ,

any info ???

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Ok I am wavering again on if it has a fake label or not.

The violin has some very nice quality (and probably expensive) work done on it.

Plus I can not see any signs of the label being replaced

(There is a small tear and I can see under the label)

The violin appears to be hand made (Just has a different look about it)

I looked for label wording online ad found similar wording (of course they could be fake too )

Either way it is a nice, consistent sounding violin (defiantly worth the $75 bucks I paid)

What are some of the subtle signs of a fake label?

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I'm certainly no expert, but when I first saw your post I had a quick look through my copy of Marlin Brinser's little booklet "Labels, Addresses and Signatures of 20th Century Italian Violin Makers". I'm afraid I didn't find any match. The closest is Capicchioni Marino (Cappichioni is the surname I think) and a quick on-line search revealed that he was a very esteemed maker (he made a fiddle for Menuhin for example). Though I'd be delighted, I don't think this is your man.

p.s If anyone is selling a copy of Brinser's "Dictionary of 20th Century Italian Violin Makers and Import Dealer's Scrapbook" let me know. It seems to be as rare as hens teeth.


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