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Korngold Violin Concerto


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i have questions about the concerto.

1) how hard is it??? (technically and musically...is it still feasible for students who can't play tchaik, sibelius, dvorak etc yet?)

2) is there a really good edition of the music other than the Schott(sp?)? i got the Schott one but there's absolutely no fingerings and good bowing (i almost think those slurs in the edition are phrasing marks...)

3) is it considered a standard concerto?

i know shaham and heifetz recordings are really good...but that's about all i know...i need help!!!


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Korngold is VERY hard. I think its a piece that should be learned after Tchaikovski and Sibelius, not because its harder, but because you should put Tchaik and the other "big guys" as priorities.

Make sure you can play your scales (with double stops) VERY well.

This concerto uses a lot of unorthodox technical things, so it would help to practice it very slow and build the tempo. Good luck

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my friend played the first mvmt of this concerto last year. i must say i like it.

he didn't play it as musically as it couldve been, (long story on that, we wont get into it) but it was technically well performed, and was acceptably musical. he plays strange music though...he somehow went from playing lalo to khatchaturian to korngold. now he's begun chomping at the bartok solo sonata (yes...he has realized he's insane at this point and has bitten off more than he can chew...but he's got a knack for violin and i'd bet he'll get it sooner than later.)

i have to agree on the hiefetz recommendation though, good stuff.

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