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While what happened to those kids was deplorable, I wonder where the parents were during all of this. I know that, were my child in the same situation, I would make darned sure that there was no legal way the dealer could remove that instrument from that child until after the performance. If the dealer would not agree to such terms, then they can keep their instrument. Obviously, the parents didn't bother with such measures.

There is more than one dealer of quality antique instruments in the world and I'm sure one would agree to terms if it meant positive publicity.

Maybe the name of this weel known place should be mentioned - and avoided - as long as they continue this practice.

The reason I'm a bit militant about this is that a similar thing happened to me with a (relatively) expensive bassoon while I was in college. My mom, however, was on the ball. When the now-defunct smile.gif company refused to agree to allow me to play the instrument in a competition unless we agreed to buy it (regardless of whether we found a benefactor or not) she refused to take it. Another student was offered the same instrument, took it, could not find a buyer nor could afford to buy it, it was taken away much the same way. Neither of us won the competition (a flute player did), but at least I played it on my own bassoon. Incidentally,twenty years later I still have that bassoon and it has the most lovely sound of any I've tried. Thanks, Mom!


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I guess that is one of the risks you take if you play on a borrowed instrument. The phrase "beggars can't be choosers" comes to mind, as harsh as it may sound. As a college student, I was offered the opportunity to borrow for an extended period, a Gagliano. My teacher would not allow it for the very reasons you cited. Apparently he was aware of this sort of thing having happened before -- lack of ethics unfortunately is NOT a new thing. I must admit that now, ~30 years later, I sort of wish I had had the opportunity to have lived with an instrument of that quality, even if only for a little while. Perhaps it would have spoiled me though, and I would never have been happy with anything I could afford after that. At this point, I will probably never know.

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This is definitely a high pressure sales tactic, besides being on the slimey side of life.

The tactic seems somewhat self defeating. Sure you may pressure a few people into making sales but the people that get shafted sure aren't going to come back and you know they are going to tell everyone they know or meet how dealer X bent them over.

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