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In an effort to fashion a perfect scraper, I hit upon the following methodology, and , while it may be old hat laugh.gif to many, others may find it useful.

I took a cabnet makers, swedish steel scraper, like you get at a woodworkers supply, not a violin shop. it's about .8mm thick I guess. real heavy. The rectangular one.

On a bench grinder grind a nice smooth radius on the long side, and leave the other sstraight. put a nice smooth 45 o bevel on both sides. to do this move the steel in a smooth steady continuous motion. keep the steel wet , dipping it after each stoke, so as not to heat it up at all.

It is IMPORTANT to have an absolutely smooth curved radius,. and a even bevel. It should now look like a violin makers scraper only twice as thick, Then take a large meduim grit diamond stone and dress the bevel.Use WD40 to wet the stone

To dress the radius side , bend the steel into a cowl with two hands so the entie cutting edged touches the stone simultaneusly. this takes a little practice but it's a terrific way to get a perfect edge, and a perfect smooth curve. flip it, flat to bevel,and back several times till its keen and dressed. then do the same thing on a ultra fine stone. I use a translucent ARK stone.

It's also important to polish the flat side just as well as the bevel right to the edge.

It should know be cutting sharp as a blade.

Then take a burnisher, and with the scraper in a vise gently roll the edge to the flat side, about 20 o more.

There you have it.

with this scraper, you can shave long strips of maple curls and shape a rough arch to perfection in 20 minutes, the arch literally makes itself once you have the long arch right. smooth and fair contours. you can run it right out to the purfling and channel edge from the center. you won't even THINK of sandpaper again

Good luck!


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I don't know what you're calling the standard violin scraper, so let me describe mine. It's about four inches long, and an inch and a half high. One long side is essentially straight, and the other is shaped like an arc of a circle that comes to meet it, a bit like the shape of a capital D--except that the points are rounded to the right radius for doing the edge scoop. I make mine out of blue shim stock, I think it's .019 inch, or maybe .012. Anyone who _visits_ me in my shop in person can have a piece until I get low on it--I bought a whole roll--three feet, I think. :-)

They cut real good, don't they. :-)

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Thanks Fiddlefaddle. I'll give it a try. I've been using old bastard files ground to the desired shape and sharpened with a slight feather edge. The steel is already the right type for holding a nice edge.

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