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Anton Becker violin

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I looked at an Anton Becker violin this weekend and have done internet searches looking for more information on this violinmaker. The owner claims it was built mid- to late-1800s, but there is no date on the label. It only says Made by Anton Becker, Germany with a handwritten number that I couldn't read. He's wanting $350 for just the violin, no case, no bow. Reasonable price?

Does anyone have any information on Anton Becker? Does anyone here play one? Thoughts?


Sharon B.

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I haven't handled one, but I've seen the occasional eBay photograph. Trade violin of modern (early 20th c.) manufacture, as the 'Germany' on the label suggests. Perhaps there was not an individual maker of that name, but it doesn't matter. With a violin of this price class, pay attention to the condition. Are you getting something in playing condition, no work needed? Does it sound good to you? Generally any violin that satisfies these criteria is probably worth at least that much.

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