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Strings for the Moldavian Chamber Orchestra


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Did anyone happen to read the article in The Strad where they are asking for old strings for the Moldavian Chamber Orchestra? They are asking people to forward their old strings to them because they have difficulty paying for new strings. The article said that they have even been knotting strings together to use them. This is great for me because I have quite a few strings here that I don't know what to do with. I think I will even send them a shoulder rest or two. I have the address but I tried to email the contact person to ask about the shoulder rests and the email was returned. Anyone know anything more about it? I think I will just go ahead and mail them.

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This really sounds like a hoax to me, an urban legend in the making. Like collecting aluminum can pop-tops & sending them in to pay for some dialysis machine, or sending business cards to the Craig Shergold foundation & pass it on please. Was this really in The Strad? It just sounds absurd to me.

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