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Wodehouse quote and a question


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Wodehouse writes:

"Anatole, I learned, had retired to his bed with a fit of the vapours, and the meal now before us had been

cooked by the kitchen maid - as C3 a performer as ever wielded a skillet."color=blue>

Any ideas on what a C3 performer might be? The question has been posed on another bulletin board, and I figured, if anybody knows, one of you would!

Many thanks,


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One of his books was indeed entitled "The Code of the Woosters" but the "code" refered to was Bertie's "code of conduct", his rather goofy notions of chivalry and "good form". At least that's the way I understand it. I've not read that particular book, though I've read others.

I've never heard mention to a "secret code". I'd be interested if anyone has a reference concerning such.

If Wodehouse did insert some code letters into his writing (which I have never noticed), Bertie and Jeeves would probably not approve of our trying to decipher them. "After all," they would say, "if a gentleman prefers to encipher his writing, then his privacy should be respected. It just would not do for another gentleman to go mucking about through his writings when the first gentleman obviously prefered not to be understood!"

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I just came across this very old post and thought it might be of interest to somebody, somewhere, sometime that Wodehouse often makes reference to “C3” items. This was the lowest category of physical fitness defined in the British Military Service Act of 1916, thus colloquially means inferior, low quality, not up to scratch.

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