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I'm going to say it


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It took me about 10 minutes to find the reply button. Now I'm here. I was really busy this week, so this change surprised me. I think it is confusing also, but maybe once we get used to it the additional features will be of use.

But I have to say that I took my SATs this morning and that figuring out this new format is more difficult than any of the questions there. smile.gif

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HI everyone! HI! everyone! HI! HI! I'M BACK!

Very funny, I don't think!

I would never have guessed how to come on to see you all, IF I'm here. I can hardly believe I'm here. Let's try and check it out and see. Atleast this is the first time I've arrived at a box which I can type into. This should be hopeful shouldn't it? Checking...............

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Crystal, I can not recall anything you have been mellow about. I admit it took over 5 hours and countless emails to be able to register and login due to email and IP changes in the past. However there is no comparison regarding function compared to the old board.

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You wrote:

I guess all the 'bells and whistles' are good for the technical-minded, but for poor plain souls like me...(sigh)...I feel like Eeyore. I'm not even sure who I'm replying to. color=blue>

It's kind of like learning scales... throw in an ornament here, an arpeggio there, pick up a few tricks way over there....

Once you practice the bells and whistles, they become habitual.

Bellcolor=blue> regards,

Theresa blue is for Eeyore's depression color=white>

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