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Hello Friends, old and new:

It's clear that nearly everybody has an opinion about the form that MBB is taking. The administrators say that things are NOT set in stone, so how about finding an example of a board currently working well that you DO like? Post the url here, and everyone can look them over and try them out. Maybe you can even ask the foreign posters on the other boards their personal opinions and get even more samples of working boards.

To start off, I have observed a clarinet board at http://www.sneezy.org/clarinet/BBoard/index.html

It recently changed formats by decree of the guy who runs it. A while ago he took "pledges" from the readers to gather enough money to buy new equipment for it. They changed from a board like we had to another the administrator likes. Not everyone is satisfied. My opinion is that it is more impersonal and doesn't allow for "conversations." But the ease of administration has to be considered also. In general, the clarinet community is a little more conservative than our MBB.

I board I like is at http://server2.ezboard.com/fcellofuncellochat

This is more like what we used to have; it seems to have a nice combination of features. The cellists are crazy and really enjoy their conversations with each other, and they don't get uptight about being "off-topic" like the clarinetists do sometimes.

Since I am not a computer expert, I don't know the problems. I also don't know what programs will crash next weekend. But it seems that those who are critical ought to have at least an example of something up-to-date that works right. Frequest crashes are unacceptable. Let's all help out rather than denigrate our board.

Happy New Year to all, and cheer up, mike. Part of the problem right now is that many interesting people are busy elsewhere with other things. At the same time lots of students are enjoying their vacations and giving MBB a visit. It sounds like you need a vacation but your "work" has followed you here! Take Lucky for a walk and throw him a few tennis balls! Then check out the cellists for a while if you haven't visited lately! I can hardly wait for my Christmas present to come. Nobody else gave me any CD's! Do you want me to look up something in my new Doring?


Ann Brown

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I looked at the BeanieBaby pages, and they look more like what we used to have, and I like them. I read Mairead's post somewhere else but can't find it now, but I also looked at the hypernews information. I think a format the preserved individual discussion ought to be possible here at MBB as well. The parenting pages also mentioned are in the outline style.

I find myself distracted by those little pictures in many BB's, and by strongly colored backgrounds. I'd rather see organized text on a page. The readability of text has to do not only with the font size, but with the font clarity. There are fonts designed to be quite visible in the smaller sizes.

A thing I really like about the current page is not the organization of the board, but the cleanliness and elegance of the page layout design.

Are there any more possibilities? Admin, can you tell us any more? I feel as if some of us are like hermit crabs, scurrying around looking for a new shell that just exactly fits. The issue here is that we already have a developed community that formed around the outline structure of our old board, which was more subject-oriented rather than infomercial-oriented.

A. Brown

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Well, I checked out the links that people have suggested, and I have to agree with Ann. This board has the cleanest interface(in terms of looks). Both the genealogy and the dreamwater boards are run by the same software as the old board (WWWBoard) - and therefore comes with the same problem - it doesn't seem to handle large volumes very well. The other boards listed show posts in a very similar pattern to this one. This new software has been shown (on many sites) to handle a great deal of traffic (much more then it handles now), and so it seemed like a good choice.

As mentioned elsewhere, the board will "warm up" as we customize it further.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I liked the old board much better. Anyone culd post without having to register and once you did register you didn't have this crazy password that there's no way you could remember. I say go back to the old board. If you must have a password protected thing though let people chose their own passwords. Or even don't have passwords just have user names, it's not as if a string message board is some sort of high security sort of thing.

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thanks for the message. i really don't have any malice towards the new borad format per se, but i find it very awkward. i will still check now and again, but will take your advice and see how things settle.

i got a gift certificate for a book store and bought lots of good cd's and picked up a nice recording of baroque pieces by black composers.

today i visited the aberdeen proving grounds tank museum to take a nice walk in the unseasonably warm weather we are having.


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