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Info on Perlman's Strad?


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Some years ago I heard a CD on which Perlman compared is Garneria dn (then new) Soil Strad. That the Strad is indeed a remarkable instrument was clear in that recording of solo pieces.

In concert too, as you mention, that instrument comes out clearly over an orchestral accompaniment - and in Perlman's hands, it looks like it takes no effort. When I heard him do the Tchaikowsky 5 years ago, nothing the orchestra could do could cover his sound in the finale.


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I saw Perlman last Thursday in St.Paul and when the 1st Violin handed him the instrument, he seemed to inspect it to see if it was his or was damaged! He turned it in all directions front and back looking closely at it. I had my glasses aimed glaringly at the violin. Beautiful reddish tones with worn shading that was magnificent amber! What a striking sound and brilliance.

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A friend of mine had the privilege of playing it when it was in shop for repairs. He said that of all the instruments he's ever played, the Soil was the only one to transcend the violin. He said it was like playing a different instrument (and he's played quite a few Strads and one or two del Gesus).

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