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Otto Temple boxwood pegs

Joseph Liu

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Hi everyone! I just started posting last week after visiting for several weeks. I am a repairer/maker in L.A.

Here is a question I have.

I used a set of Otto Tempel boxwood pegs on my first violin several years ago. I remembered the boxwood pegs seem quite soft (the e string left deep impressions on the peg after a couple of days) and the wood looked different from other sources (Gotz, Harmonie or cheaper brands). I am thinking about getting some fossil ivory boxwood pegs from Otto Tempel. The prices are quite good for ivory collared pegs. I was wondering if it was just that particular set I used that was softer boxwood, or if most boxwood pegs from Otto Tempel are softer.

Has anyone used Otto Tempel boxwood pegs before?

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The Otto Tempel fittings can be seen on the SVS Tonewoods site. They're very nice looking accessories. I had ruled out boxwood for my violin's impending "makeover" because of the poor color match, but have been toying with the idea of using the Tempel fittings because of their richer orange-red stain. (not to mention the much nicer shape of the heart pegs)

Any impressions of their quality from those who have used them would be much appreciated.


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