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Cannone measurements?


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Fred, I'm searching to see if they mention it on their website, but I believe the city of Genoa may sell a drawing of the violin. I assume this may have something to do with why the Strad poster is no longer being sold (?)


No mention of the drawing for sale, but you might use the 'contact' link to write them about it.

The Strad is still selling the back issue which included the poster (1999, Yehudi Menuhin cover), but there is no mention of it being a poster issue. frown.gif

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Canonfspan: I think you would profit a lot with the US 750,00 book. It has much more information than just the CANONE measures. (25 Instruments to compare).It can be sold out in some years, as occurred with the Strad Poster...

Accardo CD contains a poster of the CANONE.

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Be aware that the various Cannone measurements, from Strad poster, Biddulph book, and Candi's early work do not agree (the recent work gives bigger thickness numbers; but even they do not agree).

One would think Candi was the most accurate, using a caliper on free plates rather than a spring-based hacklinger gauge. Candi's results show a thinner back plate, among other things.

The present curator of the Cannone is aware of this problem, and an authorative "measuring" of the Cannone is on his list of things to do.

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Hello, I am new to this site. I would like to revive this topic for 2008, i.e. measurements of the Cannone...outline, form, arching, f-holes, etc. Does anyone have any fresh information for those of us who are in the same situation, who cannot afford the Biddulph 2-volume set (or will not be able to prior to it's departure from the market)? Thank you very much!

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