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Alternative tubing material for Kun rests?

Desert Rat

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I like my Kun shoulder rest, but I find that that yellowish rubber tubing that covers the fork tips dries out and disintegrates after only a few months.

Is there another material that works well but doesn't fall apart so easily?

I was also wondering why Kun chose the material he did. This stuff looks like simple latex surgical tubing to me - am I correct? It's a pretty ugly color. Black would be much nicer, but I imagine that most black rubber (like butyl) contains petroleum distillates that would damage an instruments varnish. Does silicone or nitrile tubing contain chemicals that might react with instument varnish?

Anybody know what the black Viva la Musica pads are made of?


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The original tubing on the feet of my Kun shoulder rest wore out and I didn't want to pay the high price for replacements at a violin shop so I went to a local hobby shop and bought some latex tubing there. One foot of it cost about 25 cents, I think, and I cut it myself with scissors. It has worked well for many years not causing any damage to the varnish that I can see. The only downside is its color, a watery/milky blue, that is kind of garish.

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I've been harbouring some serious resentment about a shoulder rest I bought ( cheap one) It must have had silicone rubber tubing (really greasy feeling) on the fork tips because within a week of using it, while I was playing it suddenly skidded out of the rubbers and gauged fairly deep marks into the varnish, right down to the wood. I was furious that the darn things were allowed to be sold.

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Originally posted by lwl:

My solution to the Kun's rubber feet was to ditch the Kun for a Viva La Musica, which I highly recommend if you haven't tried it. Similar shape and feel, better construction and stays on the instrument much better.

I'm using the Kun collapsible which (so far) is holding up very well... pun intended. If I manage to get a few days in my father-in-law's woodshop this spring, I'd like to make a wood-based model w/ the collapsible hardward from Kun. (sorry for the thread diversion)


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Originally posted by Richf:

Surgical tubing is the best bet. You can buy it by the foot and use as needed. The only problem I have had is that my pharmacist thought I wanted it as drug paraphanelia and wouldn't sell it to me. So I got it from the family doctor instead.

I'm laughing! That rather funny.


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