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Well, they look like they are all in good condition as long as they are straight. And, so far, the bid is less than the price of a new bow. So unless you have a high hidden bid, I wouldn't worry.

You can always sell one to Steveg and then re-sell what you don't want for a low price on eBay. Or have a few more children who will need fractional size bows...... hey, that's a neat idea! shocked.gif

Seriously, we have all been in that boat at one time or another. I chalk them up as learning experiences.

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To Steve, and an eBay tale:

Steve: will get in touch if I win the auction. At the moment am winning with 23 hours to go...I think my current bid is a whole $12.

Would be happy to do this: if I win the auction, will sell you the 3/4 bow for half the cost of the lot. I'll call you if I win, promise.

My last similar eBay experience was being delighted to stumble upon a beautiful crackled-glass left-handed pitcher. I am a lefty in all but fiddling, so thought this would be a great addition to our kitchen: finally, I could make pancakes for my wife using a proper-handed pitcher! You righties just don't understand how important this is.

Won the bid, eagerly sent the $17 or whatever it was...and got back a "decorative" pitcher about 3 inches high that would not hold enough batter to make silver-dollar flapjacks for a ferret.

It sits on my desk in the office with the label "Mitch Williams" on it...an inside joke for Phillies fans.

mike jarboe

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