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If you have a light box, put it in for a few more days. I sent the violin out to you as soon as it could be polished. It is probably still soft enough to have a fingerprint form

with the heat of your hand.

Also, I color my varnish, not stain then clear-coat. This will give nice results in a few years as the varnish slowly wipes away in the high traffic areas.


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Maybe you should have used red instead of brown coloring.

Perhaps you remember many months ago, our non-profit String Connection sent you a violin for repair and setup. It was in a bad state and needed to be refinished. I think it was a French violin by Duchene. I ask you to make it a "red violin." The movie was still running then. Your varnish was stunning. In fact we had two talented students almost come to blows as to who would get to use that violin. Well, last week I got to see/play that violin again. It looks and sounds even better now. It is a very beautiful instrument.

Steve, this shameless flatery, of course, means that we have another violin to send to you. I will give you the details on the phone.


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