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If you like the sound on the Dominants but want to pay a little less, D'Addario ProArtes are probably the most similar. There are also Helicores, which are metal but of decent quality. These are less expensive also. The cheapest are Super-Sensitive, but I wouldn't recommend them if you have a decent viola--their sound is a bit thin.

If you want a different sound . . . I'm not sure what your tastes are, but I've wanted to try Pirastro Obligatos for awhile. I'm using Dominants myself because they're economical for me and decent, but the Obligatos are supposed to have a warmer and less "metallic" response. The problem is that they're expensive . . . but if you get a chance to experiment, it might help.

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corelli crystals are pretty darned good...i've never heard them not play well on any viola i've tried them on...just a standard string that's neither offensive nor stellar. you might also try helicores and zyexes...or stick to dominants, they actually work well on some instruments (embarrassingly well on mine for how much i complain about them here.) spirocores arent too expensive either, and the C string from that set is darn nice. i just remembered...tonicas arent expensive either and a lot of pro violists use em...namely the divine ms. K(ashkaskian).

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