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In my opinion it would be nice if the violin be represented to some well known violinists.

Mike ,in case the violin come back in UK I may help to be represented to Mr.Yfrah Neaman in Guild Hall School of Mussic and Drama in London.I keep contacts with my client who is one of Neaman's best students now.

A few good words by that kind of persons may sell the violin faster and on higher price.

Let make some kind of broschure ,as some mentioned here ,and place there information and recommendations by some violinists.There are many auction houses where the violin may be sold.

Are there museums especialy for musical instruments where we may donate that violin ( in case the sound is not as good as we would like to be) smile.gif

Have a nice weekend,

Stepan Demirdjian

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Hello All,

I think that before we do anything with this fiddle we wait and see what it looks and sounds like once pro-am has finished setting it up.

He has said he will post pictures of the finished article and we should all hold on until that time.

In the meantime it is time to start sharpening gouge and plane for the next Opus!


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