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I am currently looking into recieving private lessons for the violin. I know that i can easily get the names of some qualified teachers in the area from my band director, however, i was wondering about some things. I suppose looking for their quality and knowledge must be fairly the same as when i looked for my flute teacher, but i was wondering what i should expect price wise. I know i paid 10 a week for my piano teacher who had studied music since childhood and was very and talented, and I currently pay 16 a week for a flute teacher with a masters degree in music. However, I have heard a variety of prices on this site, and i was wondering what a fair price would be for a teacher. Thanx

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Amanda, you would probably do better to spend time interviewing teachers before you choose one [my piano teacher said that, amazingly, none of her students ever asked about her background!], or to just ask for a simple survey, as "fair" is a relative term. You should find someone that's right for you - the two of you need to "click" - a teacher who is right for one, may be all wrong for someone else. It also depends where you live...

If you are taking a simple survey - I pay $50/hr for weekly lessons in Southern CA for an experienced teacher - her assistants charge $30-40, younger & less experienced, good musicians, becoming good teachers... The teacher who I got HER name from only teaches advanced students at $70/hr. It all depends on what you are looking for. My teacher was also upfront enough to offer her background and an interview without me even asking, which I liked. I took 3 lessons from a teacher studying to be a lawyer, who didn't ask me anything, and didn't offer any background. She charged $20 per 1/2 hr. in a music store. Several things she said I know now were totally wrong or she didn't know anything about [she once referred to my tempo by describing that I was playing quarter notes like they were eighth notes, making no reference to the "andante" notation!]. Anyway, she's probably a lawyer now. smile.gif Good luck!

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I am not sure how much it costs for my teacher per hour. My mother insists on not letting me know. I think though that his fees per hour get cheaper if you play semi annually, and annually, then four times a year. For example, if you pay the semi annual fee, then you save 15 then if you payed four times a year.

My beginner teacher taught for $10 an hour. Of course she doesn't know how to execute spiccato! crazy.gif

Good luck

Diana cool.gif

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The strings teacher at my school is very nice and gives me weekly 45 minute private lessons free even though I'm not a little kid. She's very good. My clarinet lessons with one of the best teachers in the area cost $24 for 45 minutes. But I live near Syracuse NY, not exactly a hotbed of musical activity.

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