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I have a gentleman interested in purchasing a violin from me and I would like to know if anyone has had dealings with him, and if they would be willing to share them with me, either here or if need be through email. He wants me to ship the violin to him, on approval, and I'm just alittle bit leary. His name is John Grimm, and his company is called Vintage Music, located in Georgia. I'm just trying to be careful, as I have never heard of this company. Any assistence is appreciated.

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With the greatest will in the world, this is not the correct forum for trying to gauge whether a purchaser is bona-fide (genuine) or not.

Besides that, as a private seller, you should only ship goods out on full payment, or on escrow ( where the money is held until both parties are satisfied).

Good luck with your endeavours.


n.b. Take George's advice too!

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