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Soundpost pick up?

bob kogut

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You sure are busy with pickup questions!

The only thing I've heard about these was using a Fishman transducer wedged into a groove cut into a soundpost. I imagine this would be the only place that a Fishman might actually work (I hate the things), but I don't think it's a good idea to mess with the soundpost. Do a search for "soundpost" in the archives and you'll find plenty of reason to leave it alone or go to an expert.

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Pickup on the soundpost? YIKES! By the time I'm done fussing with the placement of my soundpost I don't want ANYTHING coming near it. It seems to me that anything coming into contact (embedded into) the soundpost can only take away from the continuity of the post and hinder it's operation.


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One compromise I saw, and played, was an old Rigert Rubus Russian fiddle with two Barcus Berry Hot Dot pickups in it. One was glued to the bass bar, the other just in front of the soundpost. Both were wired together to a jack socket. The fiddle sounded well.


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I read about a soundpost pickup in one of Julie Lyonn Lieberman's violin books--I suspect it was _Improvising Violin_. You might try emailing your question to her at juliehmus@aol.com--in my experience she's really a friendly, helpful, and prompt correspondent. I thought it sounded like a really interesting idea when I read about it, but if I'm not mistaken they're pretty expensive.

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