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I am looking for a new violin case. I currently have a Hiscox shaped case, which is great, but it doesn't have a music pocket, and only space for 2 bows. I need a light case, but also a strong one. I am leaning towards the lower end of the musafia range, but would appreicate any advice that might avoid the considerable outlay invovled in a musafia.

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Contact Musafia directly at "Musafia.com" and request a listing of old models and slightly used cases. The 3010 (not sure or this model #) is about $350.00 and some are located in Seattle so the shipping is nominal. The listing is extension and usually are models from previous years. It's like buying the 2000 car when the 2001 is on the showroom floor. Dimitri is very pleasent and proud of his product. He responds quickly to e-mail.

These cases, however, are not light! Mine is about 7 pounds empty and feels quite heavy when all loaded up. So if lightness is a major factor then this case is not for you. These cases are the only 7-ply wood that I found on the market. Other, equally priced, cases from Shar are only 3-ply thickness.

Have fun with your investigation. Many people here have good experiences with many other fine cases and maybe they will share. My experience with Musafia is all good and I am very happy with the case, even though it is heavy.

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There are actually a lot of features to think about when selecting a case. You've only mentioned a few.

Case shape: shaped, oblong rectangular, or oblong/curved

Permanent or removable canvas cover

Case weight

Case strength as protection against crushing

Music pocket

Subway handle

Rain flap

Bow holders: 2, 4, or 6?

Shoulder strap

Number, shape, placement, and size of interior compartments

Kind of "handles" on interior pockets

Protective suspension or not

Ease of opening latch and case with one hand

Possibility of latch scratching instrument when case is open (and you carelessly remove or emplace the instrument)

Velour, velvet, silk, leather, suede interior materials


String tube

Aestetics of interior and exterior

Be sure the case will remain safely open and not fall closed unexpectedly (some otherwise costly and famous cases have been know to use attachements a tad too short and tend to close) - the band attaching the top and bottom of the case are probably the last thing to be installed during manufacture.


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I like your case considerations/requirements list. Here are my two primary cases.

Model-------------BAM Trekker----------------SKB

Case shape:-------rectangular----------------shaped

Cover-------------permanent Nylon------------ABS Plastic

Case weight-------?--------------------------?

Crush Resistance--Moderate-------------------Excellent

Music pocket------Huge-----------------------None

Subway handle-----yes------------------------no

Rain flap---------yes------------------------no

Bow holders-------2 in PVC tube--------------2

Shoulder strap----yes Backpack---------------yes

Int compartments--2 int 2 ext----------------2 int large & small

int pckt handles--none-----------------------plastic

suspension--------?--------------------------4 point

Ease of opening latch---Heavy Plastic Zipper-2 metal latches

and case with one hand

Possibility of latch scratching instrument when case is open (and you carelessly remove or emplace the instrument)--none-------------low

Interior materials------Velour---------------Velour


String tube-------------yes------------------no


I use the SKB because of the crush resistance unless I am riding my motorcycle then I use the Trekker because of less wind resistance.


Sorry, didn't know tabs do not work.


Don't know how to fix it. Blanks don't work either.


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You might also check out our own Michael Darnton's letter to the editor in the brand new Strings Magazine in which he mentions several protection problems with cases he has seen.

Understandably, he didn't name names. I would, however, be interested to know in what brand of case he ships his instruments in to their new owners?


Norman, OK

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I just bought an American Case Company Continental model. While the Musafia cases were more posh, the Continental (and Passport) does everything I need it to do. Good protection, lots of compartments, music pocket, etc. These features coupled with a lifetime warranty made it seem unnecessary to spend more.

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dear all, thanks for your ideas. while we're on the subject, can anyone give me ideas on light, protective violin/viola cases. i have come across one by gewa for $750, but this is a little more than i have to spend. all suggestions appreciated.

btw, mweeks, I liked the passport cases but i remember them as being rather heavy. did i remember wrong?

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I wasn't paying too much attention to weight when I bought my case, but now that I have it, I do notice that my Continental is heavier than the Jaeger case it replaced. I imagine that the Passport is similar in weight.

I don't do alot of traveling with my violin (just back and forth to rehearsals, concerts, etc.). I'm an amateur player, so lugging the case constantly through airports and such wasn't a consideration. The weight doesn't bother me.

It seems like Shar has a "Superlight" model. You may want to look at that.

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Shantinik wrote:

(I'm very tempted, even thought I have a perfectly acceptable case.)[/b]

I've always loved Oscar Wilde so it is very easy for me to say that I can resist anything except temptation. smile.gif

The case that I have always wanted but didn't feel like spending 60% as much on the case as I did on my violin is on sale for $95.

Hey, God invented Visa for a reason, right? smile.gif Oh, and that really is a joke, I'm a Bankruptcy lawyer for Pete's sake.


Norman, OK

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  • 6 years later...

The new GIG violin backpack case is LIGHTWEIGHT - even with the violin in, hip (comes in a rainbow of colors), engineered efficiently (sturdy suspension) & affordable (under $100). It is weatherproof (rain, snow) and has a reflector-lined LARGE outside pocket that can store anything (shoulder rests, sheet music, portable music stands, snack etc.). It has room for 2 bows

that fit snugly/securely in a separate compartment that runs along a rigid spine in the back (this is the only thing that takes getting used to). Here is a link that shows pictures of the case:


In the US, they are available from WWBW, Musician'sFriend, Music123 etc. I'm not affiliated with any of these companies. I simply wanted to share this product with you. BTW, my daughter chose a purple case for her violin. (Oh, while I've limited my discussion to violins, this case will also fit a viola.)

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So far as I'm concerned, the primary purpose of a case is protection from hazards, which is why I've bought two (discounted) Musafia cases. The ones I have incorporate humidifiers (necessary in winter) insulation (winter and summer) as well as sturdy construction to guard against crush hazards.

We have a pair of Bobelocks. The half-moon is quite nice; the lightweight Hill-style is light but bulky, and I suspect would not withstand crush pressure or puncture hazards. I think it is mostly covered foam. Sadly, the half-moon doesn't provide much in the way of either storage or music-carrying ability, but the size offsets these drawbacks to some degree.

I'd thought of getting a BAM hightech, but it looked devoid of insulation, and didn't have much storage room, not yet a music pouch.

BTW, the last Musafia case cost me $89! While it doesn't have the silk lining (good as a humidity buffer) it was impossible to find anything approaching it for the price. The first one was a higher-level case, and the company was willing to upgrade the insulation (they call it "tropicalisation") on the case for the usual fee; since it was a heavily-discounted case, I was pleased that they'd bother.

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Hello, I bought a Bobelock about 8 years ago for my finest violin, great case. On the opposite hand, I purchased a double violin case by "Pro Tec" not so long ago that is an absolute piece of poo. The case does't close properly and two of the four bow holders don't properly accept their bows. I always suggest Bobelock or BAM as the best bang for the buck. Happy shopping, make sure to tell us your final choice!

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