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Please help me...I don't know what is wrong with my fiddle

High Strung

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Okay, today I was playing and my G string snapped at the bridge rather forcefully(as they normally do when they spontaneously break.) However, I replaced the G string, and now my fiddle has taken on a rather gravelly sound on the G and A strings. The D and E are relatively fine, but the fiddle has become rather "unsmooth". As well, it is vibrating much more than before and has become a lot louder under my ear. When I pluck the G string, it also resonates for longer than usual.

Now, I tried more than one string, so I don't believe its the strings. The sound post has not moved and I can't see any change in the fiddle that would cause this sudden change. Any thoughts? Could it be a bridge problem?

Please help my fiddle sing again.

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The last time something similar happened to my fiddle, my luthier and I spent about twenty minutes together looking at the thing, trying to figure out what was wrong, and were at the point of giving up when he thought to look at the tailgut. Bingo! The sudden change in tension balance had caused it to pull over to one side of the saddle. After we straigtened it out, the fiddle was fine.

Hope this helps,


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