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The pegs are done. Straight and smooth turning with rounded small ends. The end pin is done and as usual it gave me a monster blister turning it. I used Steves nut.

Now for the saddle... I was going to place one halfway into the top instead of all the way down , unless there is a historic reason to deep set the saddle.?? The violins I have that are half set sound quite good.

PS. The finger board is already very nicely scooped.

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Originally posted by steveg:

I wish there was some way to hold the button while turning it down, but those little tools do not work very well.

Blisters are a part of our trade.


I like to use a bit of 2 way tape on the crown of the button while I'm turning it down, the type of tape that has a spongy ,thicker core works well. You don't have to squeeze or grip hard at all, the tape's friction does the job for you; that is, assuming your blade is razor sharp.


PS. ..also works well on the sides of the little finger planes...no more blisters!!

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Hello to you all!

Sorry for my absence, but I have been coaching our indoor archery team for the coming season.

I note that our violin is with pro-am, and have seen some of his photos.

Might I suggest that we dispose of this violin in aid of the US Red Cross, given the current situation. I know that we originally wanted this to go to a music based organisation, but I am sure that we would all agree that this current situation is pressing.

And given that we have a violin and case; might someone be minded enough to donate us a bow?

If we have a violin, a case and a bow...

Who would like to auction this project off? -or do we leave it to Ebay?

Tarisio? ...

Chris,... ?

Jeffrey,... ?

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Hi ,

It would be very good to make some records on CD ,played by a famous soloist befor it is sold. Just for the history.

The Red Cross is a good idea and adequate for now a days I think.

May be the American auction houses would be more familiar with that chatity project.

Let move the discussion about it to Fingerboard ,there are more musicians.


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I have just heard the violin. Based on 15 minutes of play, it is immediately open and perfectly balanced in power and ringing tone. To put it in context; if this violin were the only violin within a 12 member string ensemble playing the ist violin part of a Bach Brandenburg, its clarion tone would soar above and ring true, crisp and clear. Its single and double stops produce excellent harmonics without any distracting disharmonic sounds.

No problems except a slippy A peg needs dope. No warbles or wolf tones or drop outs.

It is currently set up so all downward adjustments can be made (since one can't go the other direction). Infeld Steel strings. Bridge and post are right were they ought to be with no "fudging".

Whether I play a Grapelli version of buddy can you spare a dime', orange blossom special, Bach double, Verdi or Short Trip Home it all sounds expressive and well suited to each genre.

I have a microphone and computer that would record its sound here if anyone wants to walk me through my first attempt at posting sound.

Now where does it go?

Oh, I have yet to afix the label. (It is done with treated water proof ink)

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