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Originally posted by fiddlefaddle:

How 'bout museums with great fiddles?

The Paris Conservatorie Museum has four Strads a Guarneri del gesu and some of the moulds from the Bisiach collection (I think) as well as some of Vuillaume's oddities. They use to have a very good recording of their instruments being played. Which reminds me they have a Nicolo Amati as well. And come to think of it was there a Andrea Guarneri as well or am I thinking of the Venician cello (Goffriller or Montagnanna). smile.gif

And it is just off the Rue de Rome!

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And there is the "Music Museum", porte de la Villette (Metro Porte de Pantin, not quite close to rue de Rome smile.gif, the Paris conservatory of music partially moved from rue de Rome to la Villette), which has (if my memory is right) Sarasate's Strad, one of Grappelli's violins and Vuillaume's Octobass.

Cheers, Pascal.

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