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A "Cremonen" Amati?

Shadi Bartsch

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Thanks Alistair -- I liked your advice too. And Barry's. In any case, I DO want to upgrade from my current violin, which is a fairly pricy modern instrument, to an older violin, so I think the student outfit idea might not be the best one for me--although I appreciate that it's hard to give advice to someone when you don't know how long they've played or what they're looking for, as Shadowhawk points out. By the way, Barry, that D'Attili certificate is late 80s/early 90s. This raises the whole nasty question of whether these later certificates are sound, a question which makes many of Dario's friends get very indignant indeed. No fun being caught in the middle there.

Anyhow, here's my decision in the end: although I'm NOT buying the violin as an investment, I also can't afford to throw away the sum in question with no chance of recovering it if I want to sell later. I think I'll continue to search, and pray that I find something that sounds as good with a lower price-tag and a really solid genealogy. I'm guessing no part of it will be Amati....boo hoo.

By the way, if anyone wants to just cuddle a Strad for a while, or a Guarneri del Jesu, they sure have a lot of them at Bein and Fushi.


thanks again for all the feedback,


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