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where are you buying your wood?


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Hello all, check out this tonewood.. http://dparham.home.mindspring.com/tonewoodmain.html Im also using Adirondack spruce for the tops...I hear it is hard to get..and Im aquiring a lot there is no runout and it is very nice, I also use englemann and Sitka , also the Flamed Maple is unbelievable, all these tonewoods for violin tops are hand split!! no bandsaw used..and the prices are great! compared to others Ive seen for hand split tonewoods!!


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Yes they did, and

This is obviously very old wood. There is allot of dust in the grain and pores. I've never been to Italy, but it looks like it has allot of very old Italian dirt under that dust. I'm not a violin maker, but when you tap the wood, it makes a sound like wood I'd want to use to make violins with. The logger's labels on the ends of the wedges look appropriately water logged and appear to be marked in faded felt tip marker "for stardavarius shop". These labels are glued in place with what appears to be the original crazy-glue in pristine condition. This should keep the labels in place for years to come, maintaining the value for those of you collectors who are looking for a good investment. I am not an expert on this, but this could be the wood that was found in the walls when they renovated the old Stradivarious workshop when they re-did the three-phase electrical supply for the industrial CNC machines in the early 1800s. There is even an underlying stain from the wood that makes the paper labels look like faded Mickey Mouse stationary. I am not writing this on April 1st, but I'm hoping that you were born on April Fools's day

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