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Primo violins?


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Greetings all. I'm researching a second violin and am interested in anyone has a bit of experience with the two general makes. One is the Primo series made in China. These are often offered in a "select" model on ebay for around 300-400 dollars including a pernambuco bow and psuedo-leather case. A good example can be seen at http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?V...indexURL=0&rd=1

on ebay.

This same violin is allegedly sold for $900.00 on the sellers Primo violins website. One must wonder if they are getting a nice $900 package for under $400, or $400 is the real value of the package. I would think a good case and pernambuco bow (even at the low end) would bring half the $359.00 bid price!

I'm comparing to the Gliga violins offered by jacob at the violincollectors web site and another found at the ViolinLovers site at http://www.violinslover.com/gama4_4violins.html

These also appear to retail for well over a thousand dollars but again, can be bought on ebay for less than half that value. I'm still puzzled as to the true intent and value of these instruments.

More fundamentally, I would greatly appreciate any information regarding tonal quality, playability and value of the Gliga professional series versus the Primo select series. As these two are quite often offered on ebay, some professional input regarding value would likely be appreciated by many others as well.

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Hello. I started one about this a month ago and I got one. I didn't like it very much because 1) it was bright orange (cheap looking) and 2) the case was terrible and 3) it just didn't sound all that great. I mean, the people are nice to work with but it doesn't look at all like they show in the picture (it is just as orange however). So, I returned mine. If you check for a thread called "New Violin Purchase", that was started by me. Check it out. Also, for the Gliga's, just search for it. Many people have started threads about those. Good luck.

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I understand your concerns. It is hard to know what you will be getting into with EBay instruments, as the many threads here discussing that subject will demonstrate. You may have trouble right now locating some of those old threads, so I'll just add my two cents.

I have no experience playing those Primo instruments, so I can't make a comparison as such. As for the Gliga instruments--I am one of those people on this board that have purchased a Gliga professional model instrument from Jacob at The Violin Collector (though it was a viola and not a violin, and it wasn't one of the ones he auctioned on EBay). From the point of view of a satisfied customer--I've never had cause to regret my purchase of this instrument. It's well made, beautiful, and sounds as good as it looks.

Note about the pricing difference you've been noticing: There are two different grades of "workshop" Gligas, and there is a significant difference in their prices. Perhaps those on Jacob's own website (he only displays a few samples) are the "Gama-I" workshop models, and the ones you're looking at on EBay are the "Gama-II". Jacob is very good about answering questions via e-mail--perhaps you could drop him a line.

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Thanks for the feedback. It does help. JackJack, I think you were describing the primo violins rather than Gliga though you were't specific. I'll search the rest of the postings for other info on Gliga. I've written Jacob and found him to be very responsive. Others here have also spoken very highly of his products and his business practices. I imagine that is where I'll be going for my next violin. The one I have is an amazing instrument, well beyond my novice capabilities, but I believe by purchasing a semi-high end instrument it will set the bar of desireable achievement that much higher. I'm a life long classical guitarist (over 35 years!) and have just recently started playing the violin. I am loving every minute of it and find it a truly fascinating instrument. Thanks again for the feedback and your time and thoughts.


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My Gliga is about 3 months old, purchased from Jacobs shop (not E-Bay), and thought I'd share some comments. The instrument plays and sounds incredible, you won't go wrong. Some of the Professional models can play and sound better the the Maestro models. I went to the shop and did my own comparision.

The Pros:

1. Great price

2. Great sound, nice even in all registers.

3. Jacobs setups are very good

The Cons:

1. Had the nut lowered

2. Replaced the pegs (my choice, didn't like the provided ones)

3. Strings are a little close together, which makes double stops harder.

4. Pegs are a little close together, makes tunning a little harder, but you ajust.

A letter of mine is posted at his website titled "E-Bay Horror Story." This instrument compared VERY favourably to Italian instruments costing $8,000 to $10,000. Jacobs says the cost of living in Romania is extremly low, thus the good prices.

I bought a Romanian pernambuco bow from him but don't love it as much as the violin. His bows, in my opinion, are market priced.

Good luck, now I'm going to practice.

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Thanks for the information Tenor. As I said earlier, it appears that I'll be going to Jacob for my second violin. If it's even close to my first I'll be more than satisfied. Your experience sounds reasonable and is consistent with other comments I've read. Thanks again and best of luck.


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