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Getting new tuning pegs made

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I usally pay $2 a piece for violin pegs, pretty nice French pattern. The key is fitting so they turn nicely and tune well. Many folks get used to using pegs that are too big in diameter from pegbox wear. Smaller diameter pegs are easier to use. If your current pegs are big, consider getting the pegbox bushed. I don't find this a big deal to do, but some shops seem to charge lots. Still, makes every tuning event much easier!


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The cost depends on where in the UK you live. It will cost a little more in London. Generally a new set of pegs would cost about £50 - 60 (fitted) for ebony or rosewood, slightly more for more elaborate pegs with pins, rhombuses and collars.

If your pegholes need bushing then this would be an additional cost.


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