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Hanging violins or violas on music stands?

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Talk about a mystery being solved.

I once loaned an instrument to one of those musical instrument charities, who begged and pleaded that they needed a fine instrument for an accomplished young Russian prodegy to audition with.

3 weeks later the instrument came back with the lower block popped, and the lower ribs separated from the back and belly. Along with a nasty note from the administrator of this charity that the instrument was piece of junk.

Well you all got me think'in, so I just took a student fiddle, tuned it up, and dropped it 24 inches on to it's end pin. Guess what ?? The block popped, and the ribs cracked, and all the strings went TWANG!!!!! laugh.gif

Now I know what forensic luthiotropy is.

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This is an interesting discussion about protecting violins and violas during breaks in rehearsal, but what about the poor cellists? How does one protect a cello from getting kicked over by someone during a break? The professionals all seem to leave theirs on their sides which seems very vulnerable to me. One can not take a cello with them to the bathroom very easily. Any suggestions?

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To me, carrying an instrument everywhere seems more dangerous than putting it in its case. After all, what if you slip on a flight of stairs? Or the bathroom floor is wet? Or someone passes you and bumps the instrument?

This brings up an interesting question- what DOES a responsible person do when he or she can't hold the instrument, for example during orchestra rehearsal? I've seen people put their violins in their lap and then lean over them to tie their shoe- and I'll admit, I've done this myself. Where else do you put your instrument in this case? I know a guy who has asthma. Sometimes he gets all choked up from the dry air where my orchestra practices and has to leave for a few minutes. He leaves his VERY expensive violin sitting on his chair. I wondered about this the first time he did it, but...? I've even wondered about the practice of setting bows on the lap for long pizzicati passages. I always worry about moving and having mine slide off. Any comments?

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I mainly play the flute, but I am currently learning to play the violin. I myself don't hang my violin on the lip of my stand, but I am guilty of resting my flute there. Anyway, what i have noticed is (while there are only 4 string instrument players at our school, which is huge, we just don't have a string section) the Base player at our school is guilty of leaving his base on his side, but even worse, he leaves it right next to a door that 400 people atleast go in and out of everyday. I've seen this, and i wonder if he is nuts, I'm suprised that nothing terrible has happened to it yet.

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