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Upper note blues


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Have been playing about 8mo. now and diong well but since I am trying to do some classical now in addition to hymns I have been trying to go down the "E" string. After about the "A" note all I get is screeching, not really a note-like sound. Is this due to a sub-par instrument or just the operator? Is there a difference in how you play these notes? I have noticed also you have to get notes "dead on" on the estring to be right. (P.S. I am playing on a Scherl and Roth 301E

(about $650.00) With infield reds.

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After only eight months of playing this is probably the last thing you should be worrying about. However if you simply must venture UP the E string you should move the bow closer to the bridge. The shorter you make the string, the weaker it gets and as you will have no vibrato yet to "stiffen" the string you will have to use less bow pressure. The string is also stronger closer to the bridge so this will help.

It occurs to me from your question that you do not have a teacher - one of these might just help also smile.gif.

Stephen Redrobe,

European Teaching Assistant to Prof. Erick Friedman, Yale University, USA. (The only ever long-term protege of Heifetz and disciple of Milstein). www.stephenredrobe.com

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