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A Sony representative came to the violin shop where I work to borrow instruments, cases, etc. for use in a new movie based on the book "The Far Side of the World". Its director is Peter Weir (did I spell his last name right?). Russel Crow will play a ship captain who plays the violin. He is taking violin lesson in Australia. I just thought I would share this for those who are intereted in movies. smile.gif

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I exchanged some emails with one of the people from the prop/research department about that movie. She was hunting for details about early 19th century instruments--what a great job, and I am so glad they are paying attention to this very important aspect of the characters (and hopefully the feel of the period).

That book is one of a series of truly awesome novels by the late Patrick O'Brian, which revolve around the friendship between two men in the British navy of the Napoleonic era. These novels have rightly been termed "the best historical novels ever written", and even that superlative is an unfair pidgeonholing of what are simply some of the finest novels written in the 20th century.

If you have not read them, you are missing out. Among other things, you will find some inspiration for your playing--the friends are bound in great part by a common love of music, there are wonderful moments in which the two of them play cello/violin duets on quiet (and some not-so-quiet) evenings at sea.

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" In preparation for the role, Crowe is taking lessons from Australian Chamber Orchestra director and lead violinist Richard Tognetti, whom he describes as the most magnificent violinist Australia has produced.

'Crowe admits he's not going to make it into Tognetti's league as a musician but he wants to give a persuasive performance.

"According to Tognetti, his new pupil has a formidable power of concentration and within a short space of time has been able to incorporate the violin into his physical being.

"But Crowe says that the process of adding another string to his bow is not as simple as you might think. "I'm still battling with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.'" (The Age March 6, 2002)

Sorry, no artist named yet...this is all I have so far.

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"Master and Commander" appears in the earlier announcements, recent announcements (including the prop department people's information,) have all referred to "The Other Side of the World" (and they were among other things looking for information about period guitars, as one plays a significant role in the plot of the latter novel.)

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