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Who here is in a youth orchestra, and what major pieces have you approached within the past few years?

There seem to be trends in the musical selections, for example: this year, my youth symphony has played Shostakovich 5, and Hindemith's, Symphonic Metamorphosis - but I distinctly remember another post where someone said they were playing the same combination this year. (And no, they're not in the same orchestra. laugh.gif ) Just from the past year, I also can quickly name at least two orchestra's who played Mahler 1 last season.

It's strange to see the overlap. (Is it all part of the conductors' secret plot to take over the world?! No! We must stop them!!)

(Anyway, the world is mine! ALLL mine!! Mwahaha!!!)

Does anyone have any predictions for next season?

Curious and Sleepy,



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Whats with Shosti!? laugh.giflaugh.gif

Shosti 5, Sibelius Vln Concerto, Wagner Overture to the Flying Dutchman, Mendelssohns Overture The Fingals Cave, Smetena the Moldau, Hindemith Symphonic Met., Holsts Jupiter and Mars, Mozart Horn Concerto #2, and, Lord of the Dance hehe.

Fun Fun Fun!

Shosti is my absolute favorite thing to play (the 5th).


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Maybe it's because youth orchestras tend to play "popular" music, and since there isn't TOO large of a selection of "popular" music, groups overlap!

I'm in the Atlanta youth orchestra, and we tend to do some more risque material- I've been in it for the past 4 years, and during these 4 years, we've played works by Chabrier, Chadwick, Hugo Alfven, Kodaly, as well as "lesser" known works by important composers (Glazunov's the Seasons, Borodin 2nd symphony, Grieg's Symphonic Dances, etc). Honestly, we tend only to play 1-2 "popular" pieces per year, and the popular pieces this year happen to be Shostakovich 5 and Hindemith Symphonic Metamorphosis.

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25 years ago we played some of the folowing:


Dvorak 9, Brahams 1, Frank, Borodin, Bizet C major, Beethoven 6, Schubert 5,

Other works:

Smetena - Moldeau, Bartered Bride, Mussourgsy Pictures and Night on Bald Mountain, Stravinsky Firebird, Kodaly Hary Janos Suite, and many more, but I can't think.

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Originally posted by violist87:

At our youth orchestra , We've played no songs ya'll have mentioned.

Procession of the Nobles Malda, Down a Country Lane Copeland, Pavane Faure, Finlandia Sibileus, The Ascenion, March Slave, Yorkshire Ballad, and Norweigen Dances Grieg

However, our orchestra played most of those *last* year:

Pavane, Faure

March Slave

Finlandia, Sibelius

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The Syracuse youth orchestra played the Procession of the Nobles in February and I played the last two movements of the Firebird at All-County (which was all the same people as youth orchestra with a different conductor) like everyone else. But in youth orchestra we do less popular stuff too- we're working on the Hanson Symphony No. 2 right now and we played the Lutoslawski Mala Suite last Novemeber.

We're also doing the Elgar cello concerto last movement with our concerto competition winner and the finale to Act II of Aida. We've also played the Wagner Overture to Rienzi and Prelude to Die Meistersinger, the whole Swan Lake Suite and Borodin On the Steppes of Central Asia. I played in the second movement of Vaughan-Williams's Symphony No. 8 but that was just winds (I'm a clarinetist in this group). The strings played a Mozart divertimento.

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This year we are doing Firebird, Shostakovich Festival Overture, Hanson Romantic Symphony, Benstein On the Town Three Dances, some Harp Concerto. This summer I know I am doing Till Eulenspiegel (Strauss), Bartok Concerto for Orchestra, Shostakovich 1, Firebird (again), Pines of Rome (Respighi) and some other stuff they didn't tell us yet. The Firebird has so many nasty bits. Its harder than many concertos.

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I'm not exactly in a youth orchestra (but I am trying out for GBYSO next month, wish me luck!) Anyways, i'm a sophomore and i'm in my highschool orchestra, here's what we've played these past two years:

Hoe Down-Aaron Copland

Adagio-Tomas Albinoni

Peer Gynt Suite-Grieg

Overture to Rienzi-Wagner


Concerto Grosso-Bloch



Pachelbel's Canon

hmmmm, there's more but i'm sure that's enough

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My youth orchestra has played the following this year:

Hindemith Symphonie Metamorphosische


Romeo and Juliet



3rd Fidelio Overture (Leonora)

Haydn E flat Trumpet Concerto with Arturo Sandoval as the soloist

Egmont Overture

Handel - Lascia ch'io pianga from Rinaldo

Vivaldi Concerto for Two Trupets and Strings in C major (Arturo Sandoval and Adel

Sanchez soloists)

Verdi Overture from Nabucco

Copland - Lincoln Portrait,

Williams - Three Pieces from Schindler's List

Tschaikovsky Capriccio Italienne

Liberty Bell March

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