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I've been contacted by a local community orchestra to solo with them on the Dvorak Romance in f minor. The trouble is that I've barely started the piece (I was actually pretty shocked when they asked for it), and the performances would be in early May.

The piece doesn't pose any technical threats on me, and I think that I'll have enough time to seriously think the piece through. But does anyone know how hard it is to put this piece together with a non-professional orchestra? I don't have a score...have any of you soloed on this piece and/or accompanied from an orchestra on this piece?

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Dear Cremona,

I'm too busy at the moment for any great detail. I have performed this piece with orchestra and piano. My over-riding recollection is that if you are going to be out of tune, particularly with orchestra, you are going to be sharp. I remember having to be careful to keep everything "as flat as possible", so to speak.

All the best,


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If there is any downside to the glorious music of Dvorak, it is that this exquisite Romance was written for violin and not for cello.

That said, it is very easy to "put together" Your potential problem, however, isn't the orchestra, but the conductor.

In terms of ensemble, this Romance is not technically a problem, but a mediocre conductor can make a C major scale impossible to put together.

All Best, you lucky person, you. Would that I were able to attend.

All best


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