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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody I had a Kevlar tailgut on one of my cello. it was about in the middle of the space of the lower bout. I put it there thinking that I was doing that the weight of the tail piece was at its maximum. but it made the 1/6 proportion (distance bridge-tailpiece )to the string length "wrong" (too short 100 instead of the 115 required for the "right " proportion) an other violin maker decided that it should be changed and put the tailpiece at the official distance 115. now the cello has two more wolves :-)) easy to put it back as it was no problem but I was wondering if I was right : the weight of the tail piece is at it maximum when in the equal distance bridge saddle which dampens the wolves why does the shorter tailgut (saddle-tailpiece distance) produce more wolves I was wondering why it happened Any idea ? thank in advance
  2. Hello, first of all, I would like to clarify that I am occupying the Google translator, because I do not speak English. I am from Chile (South America), and in these places there is very little information about the so-called "wolf note", that's why I resorted to a forum in English, because there is very little Hispanic information about it. I recently acquired a new violin, it is a professional range, it has a very well designed and powerful sound, with a large volume, but it has a horrible problem, is that it has a "wolf tone" between the note C / C #, of the string A. The "wolf tone" is between the C and the C #, that is in the frequency 540hz. This is not a note that is usual to play (because it is between the two notes), but even so, the wolf tone moves towards the note C when the arch passes slowly or do not apply vibratto. This is quite annoying and it has me very frustrated, because the C / C # notes are very common notes of any song in first position, and every time I play I'm nervously about the fact that the wolf can "howl". That is why I have to practice a very pronounced vibrato and also worry about having an absolutely perfect tuning, so that the wolf does not sound. There is very little information in Spanish on the internet about this problem. Nor can I visit a -luthier-, because in my city (and country), there is little culture about violins and their manufacture. I have tried to solve this on my own and I have had few results. Of course, something that draws my attention, is that when I remove the chinrest, and leave the violin without chinrest and play it, the "wolf tone " disappears completely I suppose the problem is in the lower left part of the lid, I say it, because when I press that part of the violin with my chin and shoulder, the wolf disappears - totally - but when I put the violin the chinrest and the shoulder support, in the absence of pressure, the wolf returns to sound. I do not know if I have managed to explain it correctly I have seen that you use devices that attach to the strings that eliminate the wolf tones. In my country it is very complicated to acquire those devices and the only way is to buy them in another country, so if they really work, I could buy one, if they recommend it to me I do not know what options you recommend me, any information is grateful