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Found 19 results

  1. HarryBeck

    Klingenthal Maker’s Stamp id

    Here I have a Maggini copy with a klingenthal maker’s or trade stamp stamped on the inside of back. It reads ‘A...something. klingenthal’ Seems like a slightly better Klingenthal fiddle - scroll is neatly done, fully blocked corners, neat linings, one piece back. Anyone have any references or thoughts?
  2. Stratocastrius

    Violin with Two-Layer Plates

    I have what I think is an interesting violin, or rather the pieces of one, and I am hoping to learn some more about it. I do not believe that it has any particular value, other than perhaps the story it has to tell. The main point of interest to me is the construction of the top-plate and back-plate, which are both layered. Other than pictures, I only have a small amount of information I can provide. The violin was given to my mother when she was a young girl, growing up in rural Arkansas (which would have been sometime in the late 50s or early 60s), which means that it is at least 50+ years old. My understanding is that it was never actually played since that time. Eventually it ended up being stored in a shed for the better part of a decade during the late 70s into the 80s, during which time the condition severely deteriorated. When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old I got it out and "repaired" it. I glued the neck back on with carpenter's glue. I sanded off some really disgusting varnish that had turned to almost a black tar in places. I applied some cheap varnish and also painted the pegs and tailpiece. I mention these things to point out that those aspects of the current condition in the pictures will not provide any useful information (and may also affect those with delicate sensibilities toward these sorts of things). The tailpiece, which was on the violin when it was given to my mother, bears the trademark of Boonton Molding Company, formerly of New Jersey. Those are pretty much all of the facts I have regarding the instrument. So, it will just have to speak for itself in the pictures. I have additional pictures and can provide them if it would be helpful. I just don't want to put too many in this initial post.
  3. Hi guys! First post heren and I kindly ask for help in identifying and valuing this violin. It was bought 22 years ago, at that time I was still playing, but I had to focus on other activities and the instrument was left in the case for those years. From what I can remember the luthier who sold it said it was a copy, but I do not know how exact its source was. Thank you much! Rafael Mello
  4. Hi all can you help me ID my friends violin Its looks french german and it seem to have A signature BTZM or N
  5. Hello all, This is my first post, but I’m beyond grateful for how much I’ve learned by reading through MN forums archives over the last year or so. I’ve had this violin for about 25 years and I’d deeply appreciate any insight as to it’s origins and approximate age. My 9 year old son is just starting to play, and while this is still quite a ways off from being an appropriate size for him, I’d like to get a sense whether or not it’s worth investing to get it properly repaired. Length of back is 360 mm. It has blocks at all four corners, and the linings go straight over the blocks. Lower rib appears to be one piece and I don't see evidence of a notch (but maybe I'm not looking in the right location?) The neck length is 124 mm (baroque or transitional length?) Upper bout width is 172 mm Lower bout width is 202 mm Bass bar appears to be glued in. The neck block is rectangular (squared off at and has corners, unlike the curved shaped ones I’ve seen on other violins) and from what I can see from the separation at the button, the neck appears to be morticed into it. The tail block is also rectangular. I’m assuming the brass plates on the outside of the pegbox indicate repair, but I haven’t attempted to pull them off to confirm this. It’s unlabelled and I’ve been unable to locate any markings whatsoever. There are seam separations at the button and along the lower rib and as-such, the neck angle is more shallow than it would be were it repaired properly. Let me know if there are other images or details that would be helpful. Thank you so much in advance for any info and thoughts you’re willing to contribute! warm regards, Bill NJ, USA Here's a gallery with additional photos:
  6. For those interested in having a violin potentially identified (and not all can be identified solely based on photos regardless), please take some basic photos of your instrument. Photographs must be clear (not blurry) and well-lit (so details show). Do not have a distracting background (such as patterned tablecloths or bedding). Do not photograph the instrument from odd angles. Please provide the following basic shots: 1. Body, Front and Back 2. Body, Right side and left side, to show the arching 3. Scroll, Front and back 4. Scroll, Right side and left side 5. Detail of f-hole and C-bout (shows the purfling) 6. Saddle 7. Label (be aware that labels are often faked, replaced with labels from other instruments, and may be of little value. You may also want to add additional photographs of interest, such as a neck graft, repairs, anything that strikes you as unusual that may make the instrument easier to identify. A violin can be 'stood' upright on a sturdy container, such as a heavy water glass or jar or small sturdy bowl. Please ensure that the instrument will not fall while being photographed. Example*: *These photographs were taken by YitaMusic. I own the violin itself.
  7. What is this violin? Photo Here The violinist allegedly choked the woman so hard that the blood vessels in her eyes were ruptured, according to a court complaint. READ MORE HERE:
  8. Hi all. So here it is. This is the violin that was the spark that caused fire in my head. Although I've got some conjuctures nothing's still have no idea who has made this violin. Just to make it more clear I've decided to ask Peter Ratcliff to obtaine belly dates which he naturally did. I would like to thank him again here. Indeed he is really a pro :hail: What I have is my description and Peter's data of course. Measurements in spite of wood wear could not match exactly typical of that which father of this violin used to make. Measurements: LOB 354mm, Widths: 161/107/199,5. Peter's data: "The bass side visible latest ring is dated 1824 and the treble side 1817. You are right about the two sides being different and it is quite clear when I examine the plotted data on a graph.(...) The strongest correlations by far are with instruments made in Mittenwald, and that wood is quite typical of the one they used, but I wouldn't say exclusively. In view of the latest ring date of 1824, we have to assume that the violin was not made before about 1835 or so, possibly a little later, bearing in mind the exceedingly tight growth at the end of the series, (at the centre joint), and that is where some wood has to be removed to create the joint between the two sides prior to gluing the surfaced together. I also tested the data against published Master reference chronologies from the ITRDB (international tree-ring data bank) and found that both sides correlated with several at very significant levels of significance at the dates above, the best correlations with Swiss and Southern Austrian references." I've got some photos of it. Some of them are taken before restoration. Head (which was replaced with neck) and body was in bad state. I would say someone tried to change scroll with blunt knife. Lower ribs were replaced before I bought it years ago. They're two piece. If you would be so kind please help to identify it. If any more photo measure is needed I would be happy to deliver it. Regards!
  9. Kallie

    What was this violin? I'm thinking nice Mittenwald violin, first half of 1800s, in near original condition?
  10. Kallie

    Violin ID

    Any help with this one? Where it was most likely made? And about what age would you estimate it is? The non-blackened pegbox and the edges are somewhat different from the usual Markneukirchen violins that I see? There is no label inside. Top is smoothly carved, no gauge marks. It looks like it has 4 corner blocks.
  11. Kallie

    Violin ID

    *Double Post. Sorry*
  12. Kallie

    Violin ID Any ideas on this one? It has one of the most beautiful backs Ive seen on any violin. Scroll isnt grafted but neck seems to have been extended? The listing was ended before the end of the auction, so the buyer most likely accepted someone's private offer. P.S. Since this violin isnt on Auction anymore, I posted in Pegbox instead of Auction Scroll.
  13. Kallie

    Violin and Bow ID

    Any ideas on this violin and bow? The violin seems like the usual to me, but the seal at the button is strange. And the lack of purfling. The front and sides seems to have been revarnished. The graft looks fake. No corner blocks. The bow is rather interesting (to me, atleast). Any ideas?
  14. Zorzi

    Bromptons lot 258

    I saw this violin at the last Bromptons sale yesterday and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it? It has a really interesting outline. I like how the upper corners jut out almost horrizontaly. I don't recall seeing a violin with a similar outline. I also love the choice of wood. Is it what some people refer to as 'oppio'? I thought I would post this in the hope of hearing other people's opinions about it. Does it look particularly 'Mantuan', if so, are there certain characteristics which go with that school? Interesting that it is sold with paperwork stating its a Balestieri and it's listed as after Peter of Mantua. Any thoughts? A quick disclaimer - I didn't buy it so I'm not fishing for attribution hints - I'm just curious
  15. Kallie

    Is this the usual?

    Hi again, Is this again the usual? It seems to have been sanded down with sandpaper and revarnished, but the corners and purfling on the front seems... different.. from what I usually see. Reminds me of a Klingenthal violin Ive seen a while back. However I could be totally wrong. Thanks.
  16. uguntde

    Violin ID

    Yet another violin, where I wonder what it is. I would assume it is German, doesn't look like Mittenwald to my eyes. Label is of no help (Guadagnini). I know, it has lot's of damage. Very nicely done neck graft, came with a Beare bridge.
  17. pjham

    Dual violin ID

    I'm still trying to learn basic violin ID from photos. Would I be correct or not if I thought the following two violins were Chinese from the same maker? Thanks.
  18. My lutherie reached the level at which I'm totally willing to take off the top of the rather cheap violin, glue the cracks and return top back. So far, my surgery caused no major damage, and patients have remained quite alive. However, now I have on the desk violin on which I played the last couple of years, which, in addition to a few open seams, has a problem shown in the following picture: Honestly, I'm not that broken rib even noticed until 6 months ago and I do not know the cause of it. It is rather possible that I bought the violin in such a state (a few years ago). I do not see the way for repair this rib without opening the top, but, this operation is very far from something I like to do. Beside, speaking about my "lutherie", I have a limit to which I am ready to go. This limit is not very sharp, but lies somewhere above classes Lewis and Son student violins. I do not know anything about this violin, I bought it from some guy who knew only that it was purchased in Linz, some 30-40 years ago. Here are some pictures of this violin: Violin is unlabeled. Varnish, I would say, is original. My knowledge about determining the age and origin is close to nothing, mostly collected here on MN, but I will be brave enough to declare that it seems to me that (1) this is a Schönbach violin and (2) it was made about 100 years ago. That's it: I said, and probably wrong, but I had to. It was stronger than me. What I want from you is to help me in determination of its origin and age, in order to make me able to assess whether it repair itself or to wait for the opportunity to entrust it to someone who does not have such a dilemma as I do.