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Found 2 results

  1. I am slowly trudging ahead to the day I can actually start carving my #1 violin. I have received a Strad Poster for the Messiah from a very generous member here, and will be making a "based on" not "copy of" the Messiah violin from it. The direction I have decided to go is to try and make it symmetrical, so I am "averaging" the measurements (where there are two values for sides, etc) from the poster and using that average for my drawing. Step one is to be the scroll and neck. Being me, I want to understand what I am doing, and so in digging around, I found Addie's drawings (THANK YOU!) and was going to use the Bett's Scroll drawing he provided (I assume Addie is a he?) I decided to check it against the photo on the poster. That led me to trying to figure out what the measurements on the poster mean - ie. the measurement is from what point to what point on the scroll, what landmarks can I count on while carving. Since I am averaging, I expect the drawing to be off a little - a few millimeters - but close. The following screen shots show my dilemma at this point, I could use some insight into what I am doing wrong (if anything). I KNOW I am over thinking it, but this violin is a teaching aide and my way of learning violin making from wood working to designing all of it. So, I really want to understand what I am doing as opposed to just charging forward making something that looks sort of right. The photo is of the poster and I uniformly scaled and rotated it to fit the guideline grid and adjusted the rotation using the neck line below the fingerboard. Any help in understanding why the grid and curves don't line up what the photo would be appreciated: How I setup the guidelines to check/draw the scroll. Here is what Addie's Bett's scroll looks like on that grid with a photo from the Messiah Poster. And here is what the Silverpoint Drawing from the Bett's file looks like on that grid. And finally here is my scroll on the grid.
  2. Dnes jsem se rozhodl představit jeden z mých houslí Opus 11 z 2012 Model je Mesiáš Strad inspiroval v roce 1716. Změnil jsem possioned f díry Tomáš Alvin krále a jeho studie o tom, jak Stradivari possioned f díru. Mesias Strad f hole jsou konstruovány poněkud jinak, než je obvyklé Stradivari.
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