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Found 12 results

  1. Does anyone happen to know the original (or current?) body length, or any other dimensions, of the Maggini viola listed in the Cozio archive as "Giovanni Paolo Maggini, Brescia, date unknown, Viola: 59839"? I doubt it would be acceptable to try to post copyrighted photos, so perhaps this question is just for those with access to Cozio, unfortunately. It is not particularly elegant looking, and might not have drawn my interest, except that I just played an inexpensive new instrument that as far as I can tell was inspired by that viola. It played and sounded *far* better than I could have imagined for the price. The new instrument is made in a wide range of sizes, and I was just wondering how big the original might be. The one I tried was 15-3/4", and to someone who has never been a fan of small violas, it was shocking how good it was. Or for that matter, the same question about this da Salo: "Gasparo Bertolotti 'da Salò', Brescia, date unknown, Viola: 49143" I would be thrilled if anybody knows these instruments and could give me a clue as to the actual dimensions.
  2. Hello everyone, This is a photoset of my violin, an antique from 1880s Germany (or possibly the German-speaking part of what is now the Czech Republic). As you can see, it is rather large all around, with beautiful flamed-maple back and ribs and a gorgeous red varnish. It's extremely heavy, and I've gotten so used to it that some of my professional friends' violins feel like toys in my hand. Even my viola is significantly lighter. It's not incredibly obvious from photos, but the scroll leans back quite a bit further than a normal violin. The pegs are custom viola pegs because violin pegs ware far too small to fit in the peg box. It has a very warm and extremely dark tone, and loves warm strings like the Warchal Brilliant Vintage and Amber sets. It has great projection for being such a dark-sounding instrument, too. I was recently made aware of a maker named Maggini. The person who told me about these instruments said that mine fits several of the characteristics of a Maggini, whether it be a true Maggini, or a copy. The things it is missing, which may or may not make or break it, are the double purfling and the triple scroll. It is fully carved, and the purfling was inlaid by hand. Would anyone be able to verify if this is indeed a Maggini model/copy, and what it could potentially be worth? It is an heirloom that we got restored (all new hardware, including fingerboard and custom pegs/tailpiece) and there are no labels, stamps, or writing in it, so we know next to nothing about it besides 1880s Germany. To me, it's priceless because of the sentimental value, but I'm also interested in the potential monetary value as well. The luthier I took it to said it's a run-of-the-mill Strad copy, but it doesn't quite seem to fit the shape. I did the best I could with the tape measure, but I kept the higher end where it was when I measured with two hands. Thanks kindly, Kristen Stadelmaier
  3. Can anyone tell me what you think about this old fiddle? I bought it at a goodwill for very cheap - mostly for the purposes of practicing removing and inserting a soundpost, set-up, etc. But I'm starting to think it might be worth more than I paid for it. Curious? There was a label on the inside - in fact it looks like there was a label on top of a label. Two different ages. It almost looks like someone tried to remove them (or maybe the top one and ruined the bottom in the process). Purfling is definitely real. Wood seems decent. No cracks. It looks to me like the nut (and maybe the fingerboard) was replaced at some point. The new nut doesn't seem to have been made very well... I might try to make a new nut. Bridge says Joseph Teller 1892 Germany **. It looks like someone put newer Dominant Vision strings on it. Anyway - let me know what you think. Thanks!
  4. I recently acquired this and can’t identify the origin. Extra turn on the scroll, an inked stamp on the button that I don’t recognize. Labelled Maggini with a seperate label that says “SARASATE”. . The body is 14 1/2”. All corners blocked. This violin plays very nicely with a deep, rich tone. I’m hoping someone knows these better than I and can better identify it,
  5. First off, sorry for the awkwardly shadowed pictures. wondering if anyone has any ideas about this Maggini copy? It needs lots of work. Where and when might this have been made? Could anyone guess from the photos if this needs a neck reset yet or if a new fingerboard and bridge might make it acceptable? I don't have measurements but it does have a larger body than is normal, could this be a true Maggini copy rather than a Maggini-style styled strad kind of deal? Needs the top removed and reset, any tips for that procedure? Any info appreciated! Thanks! Penciled year is 1632 I think.
  6. I just come across two copies of Maggini sold on eBay, both made almost around the same time by different makers but sold at a different prices. Any comments? Thank you. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Fine-Antique-GIUSEPPE-ZANETTI-4-4-Old-ITALIAN-Master-Violin-geige-fiddle-/162497257937? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/332197302285?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  7. Are violins modeled after Maggini and da Salo with double purfling more or less desirable and/or marketable if they also have the decorative purfling inlays in the back? All other things being equal, would a violin that included the purfling inlays command a premium price over one without them? Or not? Which would you choose? In this case, I am referring to fine violins in the $20,000 - $30,000 price range. (An actual Maggini with the type of decorative purfling I am referring to is shown below)
  8. Hi All - first time poster. I have recently purchased several nice quality instruments from a local deceased estate. Including several violins. One of them is an 1890 Hawkes & Son. "The Professor Violin" in pretty good condition. One of the others (pictured below) has an old looking label inside which reads: GIOVAN PAULO MAGGINI BRESCIA 1686 Obviously this is not a real Maggini, but it is oldish. Judging by the age of the cases and other violins I got, I am guessing late 19th century. So my question is, given it is a fake, but still a hundred or so years old does it still have some value? If so what sort of value? Also, is there a way to directly upload pictures to the forum, without having to use third party image hosts which bombard me with ads . I have lots more photos (none of which are great quality, sorry).
  9. For any MNers in Paris or coming through at the time, I'd like to inform you about an upcoming concert on November 18th at 8PM: The INJS is in a beautiful setting next to the Luxembourg Gardens, and I'm thrilled to play with my illustrious colleague Bruno Pasquier. Another chance to see how my Buchstetter sounds next to his magnificent Maggini in the Mozart Divertimento and Beethoven Opus 9 No.3 feel free to PM me if you'd like more information.
  10. If you were making a big Brescian viola would you use a Da Salo Model or a Maggini model. I think the usual way of things for a 440mm viola would be to use a Da Salo model but Maggini has it's charms as well. I have the Brescian book on the way, but I am interested in what folks think. I am doing this subject to death but my pea brain has been on a big viola jag for a while, god knows why. Must be a rosin overdose. DLB
  11. Double Dumb Dwight Post, could someone get rid of this please. Bad Dwight, BAAAAAAD....
  12. Hi everyone, Non-violinist here, I just signed up to post this! I'm in college training in audio engineering and studying classical guitar at the moment. I spotted an instrument case at the bottom of a trash pile earlier today. Lo and behold, there was a complete, albeit, broken, violin inside! All the breaks are extremely clean separations at the joints, no splintered or cracked wood, just failed glue joints. The body doesn't seem to have any cracks or anything. In general, it looks like it's in good condition--minus being in separate pieces. The bow measures just under 29", while the violin body measures about 14 5/8ths (this is a little longer than the standard 4/4 violin, yes?). There is a label inside under the f hole saying "Gio: Paolo Maggini, in Brefcia", there is no date. Also, "Maggini" is marked on the back of the body near the neckjoint. Some quick googling of the label has given me some tidbits of information. It seems that the bigger size is a Maggini thing, but there's a lot of confusing info, especially for a guitarist . So really I'm looking for anything you lovely people might be able to tell me about it! Type of wood, how old, possible value? Really I'd like to figure out if it's worth putting the money into to get it fixed. I don't know why it would have been in the trash when it doesn't seem to have any catastrophic damage. I dabble in luthier work with my guitars, so if it's not worth much, I'll try to patch it up myself, and maybe learn to play some! If it's a quality instrument though, I wouldn't mind sinking some money into it so it can get into the hands of someone who can really use it. I took a bunch of pictures! Here's an album hosted on imgur with them. I can take more detailed measurements or pictures if anyone wants to see something specific. Cheers!!
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