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Found 26 results

  1. kdash


    Have you heard of JOHANNES KÜNSTLER? The label says markneukirchen, representing this might from a student of this string-making university.
  2. Was there a violin maker with a name like Hartel near Carnegie Hall in the 1950's? I met a man yesterday who said that his grandfather had a shop there. Now I can not recall the name and have no contact with this person. Thanks
  3. Portland, Maine master luthier Jonathan Cooper will be teaching a one-week lutherie class at the Acadia Trad Festival in Bar Harbor, Maine from June 24-29, 2017. At his shop in Portland Maine, Jon has made over 400 instruments in the last 40 years. His fiddles are played by many of the world’s best performers in trad music. In this one week workshop intensive, students will work together on a fiddle that will be completed in the white – no varnish. The workshop is appropriate for intermediate and advanced makers but can be a good beginning foundation as well for those interested. Students are welcome to bring an instrument they are working on and get guidance from Jon in working on their own instrument. The class will cover an introduction to design and construction in all important aspects. There will be hands on demonstrations as well as access to an extensive personal library and direct examples of work from famous makers. Daily talks on varying subjects including history, maintenance, set up and sound production will be open to the camp at large as well. Participants are encouraged to bring their own tools, however a limited number of tools will be available for students who do not have all the necessary equipment. This class has a $40 lab fee payable when you arrive. Please share:
  4. Hi! My wife, our three cats and I are looking for a fresh new live perspective, and posibilities to study and develop ourselves. Our country is small and don't have a lot of educational offer, and virtually none to Instrument Makers. So I want to know if anyone there would want an assistant or apprentice... or salesman, or whatever!!. I'm a nice enough violin player, but also can play viola, cello, viola da gamba, and tons of other instruments. I have worked and learnt in a couple local shops in my country, and I run my own shop now here. I do repairs and build on comission. I have built violins, viola, viola da gamba, medieval instrument of various kinds, and now i´m making a baroque lute. I have many carving skills, i'm native spanish speaker and can speak enough english, I know about business administration, import and export, can fix computers and cellphones, have sales experiencie, and teaching experience. Anything I don´t know, i´m willing to learn it. I just want enough to have a quiet life somewhere, and to learn more and become a better maker. You can see some of my work on my Instagram ( If you are interested on working with me, please send me an email to, and I can send you my CV. Thanks!
  5. neeneen6

    Just Gonna Dive In!

    So, I'd like to thank you all in advance for potentially helping me sort through all of the general questions I have, and also welcoming me into this community(by allowing me to create a free account to quiz the people in the lifelong trade/journey about what I seem to have gotten myself into). Thanks again for reading. I am excited to become a part of this particular community!
  6. Herman West

    charging for stringing up?

    I brought my recently acquired violin in to the luthier who built it thirty years ago, so he could put matching tailpiece, chinrest and pegs on it. Since the instrument needed fresh strings, too, I brought a new set and asked the luthier to put those on, rather than the old set. If you’re putting in new pegs and tailpiece, you’re going to deal with stringing up anyhow. So I was a little surprised to see an 30 bucks item on the luthier’s estimate for stringing up. It’s a small amount on a bill that will amount to a thousand bucks, but I’m just not that thrilled about being regarded as a walking talking ATM. I’m not going to make a fuss about this, but I do would like to know how luthiers in this group feel about this. Maybe it’s perfectly normal and you'd do the same.
  7. Guy Harrison

    Toronto Luthier Exhibition

    On Saturday, January 14th, in Toronto there will be an exhibition of Canadian violins, violas, cellos and bows! This is a great chance for string players in Toronto to try instruments and bows from the best award winning Canadian violin and bow makers. The event will take place at Koerner Hall Lobby at the Royal Conservatory at 273 Bloor St. W, Toronto. (Links for more information: ) At 2pm the wonderful Canadian violinist Kerson Leong will be playing various violins from the exhibition. At 3pm there will be a chamber music concert with the Concertmaster and principal string players from the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
  8. epe913

    Short camps?

    Quick question --- As many of you know from other threads, I'm interested in learning basic luthier skills. It'd be as a hobby, so attending school full time is not a possibility for my situation right now. I learn best by seeing in person, asking questions, and doing with someone available if I need help. So I am wondering... are there any short camps or intensives that would teach basic skills to get me started? Something say two weeks or less time? I've done some preliminary looking online without much luck as I don't know where to begin. I added myself to an interest list for a potential VMSA camp this summer but that's the only solid lead I found. I could always shadow someone for a bit, but there is no one within three hours of my home and I'd ideally like a crash course crammed into short time to be my first step. Any leads appreciated.
  9. depaoli

    Tone wood and accessories

    We are located in Windsor On Canada - We still have an amazing collection of tone wood for violin, viola, and cello - both 2 piece, single pieces and jointed pieces spruce and maple - most pieces are from 1974 - 1980's accessories include bridges, fingerboards, etc wood blocks for scrolls molds ribs scrolls roughed out tone wood roughed out bows (brazil wood - various sizes) hanks of horse hair for bow rehairing tools 6-14 terrco marlin violin carver (backs, fronts and scrolls can be easily reproduced here) and so much more We are very limited in time as we no longer have the storage - please contact me for viewing can be purchased by large or small lots Inquire please!!!! I can post close up pics of any specific pieces
  10. jamescowell

    Hungarian violin

    Hi, I found this violin: link The price not bad (master violin) and the violin certificated. Opinions about this violin maker? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I seeking informations about Alain Aventini violin maker. I found only this information: link Best regards! James
  12. Interested in opinions on who may have made this violin. Acquired from a horse trader circa 1950s/60s in Idaho. Fake labeled JB Guad. Came with tattered Lyon and Healy "certificate of authenticity". May have had some connection to Weisshaar in L.A. Beautiful dark viola-like sound. Rather heavy fiddle. Suggested by Bill Moennig that it might have been made by Sgarabotto.
  13. Hello, I have a piece of maple one piece back for sale. It is a nicely framed maple for violin making. It's stored in the storage for a few years. Please feel free to have a look and give an offer if interested! My email is
  14. gryffynda

    Damage vs. Maker's Mark

    I was looking closely at my mother's old violin today, and realized that something I'd always considered to be damage on the top actually looks like writing, perhaps by some method of engraving or stamp. It just looks too "regular" to be simply damage. I'm attaching a picture and wonder if anyone out there has seen similar. I cannot make out what it says.
  15. laustephen498

    Cost for violin restoration

    Hello, I am curious how much will it cost to do a arching correction,cracks cleaning and reglue, chest patch. Cause I have a violin that needs a professional repair. However, there isn't any workshop near to my place. Therefore, it will be great if i can get some opinions here. I have attached some images below.Thank you!
  16. Hello, I have several pieces of Pernambuco available for bows. I obtained these blanks while working for a tone wood dealer over 10 years ago. They were part of a bow maker’s estate and we were asked to help sell the wood he had stored for over 50 years. They have been stored in a climate controlled room for the last 10 years along with the rest of my tone wood that I use for my guitars. I purchased these when I thought I would go to school for bow making but that is not likely to happen and I would like them to be used. I am told because of their size and Lucchi number that they are optimum for Bass bows. Most have a very lovely dark color except 5.51 which is a paler orange. I have included their dimensions in inches below. The individual pieces are listed by their Lucchi number to help you match them with the attached photos. Lucchi Number Length Width Thickness Length CM Width CM Thickness CM 5.51 37 1 9/16 0.45 93.9 3.96 1.14 5.3 36 1 13/16 0.835 91.4 4.60 2.12 5.25 35.5 2 15/16 0.53 90.1 7.46 1.34 5.35 37 1 7/8 0.81 93.9 4.76 2.05 5.29 35 5/8 1 7/8 0.86 90 2/5 4.76 2.18 5.58 37 3/4 1 7/8 0.525 95 4/5 4.76 1.33 5.56 35.5 1 3/4 0.785 90.1 4.44 1.99 5.06 35.5 1 4/5 0.56 90.1 4.57 1.42 I estimate that there is enough material for 16 bows. Looking at current availability and pricing of Pernambuco I am pricing the lot (no individual sales) at $200 per potential bow blank which comes up to $3000 for all 8 pieces OBO. I hope this email is not an intrusion but I am writing several bow makers that I found on a list on a discussion board. If this is an unwanted email please rest assured that I will not send any follow up emails unless directly requested. If you are not interested but know someone who might be please feel free to forward this message. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or would like any more information. I will email the pictures upon request. Thank you and I appreciate your time, Andrew McSpadden
  17. Hello, I am repairing a violin front with a few cracks. And some of the wood on top of these cracks are missing (i.e. varnish side). However, the bottom wood still remains.I was thinking to use wood filler or cut away the wood to insert a new piece of spruce. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you! Top (varnish side): Bottom:
  18. I recently picked up a bow stamped "Grimm" and "Germany" that looked pretty good and I thought it might be a good playable bow for the price ($45 plush shipping), although it needed a little bit of work. It needs to be rehaired, needs new windings and a new grip. Now, I grew up in Spokane, Washington and there was a guy there who did excellent work on both violins and bows - he studied at several places, including some in France, and just did a marvelous job. His prices were great, too. I guess I got spoiled. Now that I'm down here in Naples, Florida I thought I'd check about getting the bow finished up at the local shop that does in-house work (with a luthier on-site). I figured it would be around the same prices.... and was literally speechless when the guy who looked at the bow was clearly completely uneducated about violin bows (and I'm no expert, so if I'm saying that it's pretty bad) and he wanted to charge $450 for a rehair, windings, and a grip! He then proceeded to insult my bow and tell me I was better off to buy one of the "beginner bows" they sold there, which (no surprise) were crap. Including fiberglass (which I am trying to upgrade away from). He told me that he personally had "no idea what [a stamp] means" when I mentioned offhand the stamps on it, and completely missed seeing them in his all-of-5-second inspection that he did right in front of us in terrible lighting. After speaking with him for awhile it became clear that he didn't play or know how to either, which concerned me. All of this together was a little alarming to say the least. I will clearly be shipping my bow to Spokane to the person I'm used to seeing about bows and violins, as you probably guessed. Just to put things into perspective, I got a quote from him while I was on the phone with him, and he said he could do everything for $125, which is a very reasonable price. To be honest, I am glad I'm sending it to him instead.... I trust the work that the guy in Spokane does and I know he'll do an excellent job with this. The joke of a "bow expert" I spoke with today would have probably botched the work if I had mindlessly given him that ridiculous sum of money after seeing how little he knew about bows. I'll tell you what, though. I bet he's sold a lot of crappy fiberglass bows this way.
  19. Does anyone knows this maker? here is the violin for sale on eBay: Contemporary 4/4 Violin, Perfect Condition. The seller says bought it from Dov Schmidt that has a website. I cannot come up with anything more about this maker. Chinese with Italian label as usual ? Regards
  20. I bought a Paul K. Berger violin several years ago. I played it for a while but have set it aside and am thinking of selling it. Has anyone else ever heard of or had experience with his violins? I paid about $4000 for it and am trying to assign a current value for it.
  21. jacobcello11

    Cello identification - year 1799?

    Hi all, I am currently looking to purchase a new cello. I'd like to gather some opinions on the instrument (can someone let me know how to upload photos?) and its authenticity. I am a player myself and know relatively little about makers and origins. It has rather large F-holes and a beautiful one-piece back (maple). The label reads: "Joannes Valletianus fecit Matrito anno 1799". Has anyone heard of this maker or seen and of his work? The varnish is mainly orange with hints of deeper red. The varnish on back is slightly harder and shinier. The back length is 752 mm. It has a fantastic sound (very rich and deep bass. Recently performed it alongside a G.B. Gabrielli instrument - the sound qualities were similar). I will post photos as soon as I understand how. Thanks a lot!
  22. Winterdune

    Repairing a cracked cello top

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I am not a cellist at all - I'm a classical guitarist (and amateur luthier half way through my first classical guitar). I have a second hand student cello (Stentor Student 2) which I purchased cheaply on ebay for my kids. Sadly it was sent in a soft case and with the bridge up, and it sustained very bad damage in transit - a two foot long crack on the top, running vertically. The seller has refunded me and suggested I dispose of the instrument - he does not want it back. I'd like to have a go at the repair and assume I will need to remove the top. My question is how I do this. With a classical guitar, top removal is horrible because of the bindings and purfling, but from what I have seen on the internet removing a cello top is more straightforward, consisting of slow careful insertion of a knife to break the glue join. I assume that my cello will not have used hide glue or anything which will loosen with heat? Could anyone advise a rank novice on whether to top will come of on this cello in the manner I describe? Thanks very much, Sean
  23. Carlosro1699

    Old Mirecourt Violin ID

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new violin, and I've taken a fancy to an old French violin. We've been told it's an 1880s Mirecourt, ( Could you please tell me what you think of it, and possibly find out the maker? The back measures 35.9 cm in height, it is very flat, and it gives a clear but warm, resonant sound. Thanks, Carlos R.
  24. I can't place the f holes. Wonderful Sound, Strange Shape. At about 4:58 the video below it is side splitting funny. According to the blurb, there is a whole area of violin history of which I was unaware. Q for MNrs: I have not seen any of Nicholas Marty's (short for Martiin ?) instruments for sale or at auction. Is he related to Mr. Swan ? Are there any of Marty's instruments around? Still worth playing? Who was Antonio Stella bottom tile? I fear I still have much to learn... Here's the extended, second video: There's a sound clip at the end of the violin playing. Apparently Ashens reviews toy products sent to him. And the luthier for this VSO used a Chinese copy of google translate? Which wasn't working very well? The kid on the cover does need to work on his bow grip, however - his/hers is neither Russian nor FB. Jacob: No chance this violin is from MKN, I believe. Wrong fluting, and no purfling. I think this violin would be perfect for bassclef.
  25. LadyAmati

    Writing Violin Descriptions

    Hi everyone, I've been missing for quite a while. Hope all is well. I've written a short story about a luthier and thought I'd share some violin descriptions. I learned a lot while hanging out on the Pegbox forum and dreaming about making a violin. Since I never did do anything but make a mold, I figured I could write about it. The first one is called Angel's Breath: “She’s called Angel’s Breath.” He held the violin in front of the dim firelight and turned it to show her the back. Fiery, translucent stripes leapt off the deeply curled maple. Her fingers tingled to touch. She inhaled the resiny scent of varnish and admired the flawless handiwork, the slight corduroy effect on the spruce... Lady Amati. Under the Maestro's Hand (A Violin Erotica Short Story) (Kindle Locations 28-30). The second one is called Kitchen Maid: It was badly scarred, dented, dark brown and scuffed. A corner was chipped, and a crack ran from the shoulder to the top of the right f-hole. Salty grey tear marks streaked over the belly. The wood was warm to the touch, not shiny, but matte, like well-worn leather. She turned it over. Grime, the color of coffee grounds, covered the back, partially obscuring the pinwheels of birdseye maple. Lady Amati. Under the Maestro's Hand (A Violin Erotica Short Story) (Kindle Locations 55-58). --- If you're interested in the ebook it's available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Sony ebookstore. Warning: the writing is risque and for ages 18+ I'm also writing regular novels under my penname Rachelle Ayala and you can find me at --- Let me know what you think about my short story, or if it's too embarrassing, at least let me know what you thought about the violin parts.