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  1. Hi, everyone! I am looking for some help identifying which member of the Nürnberger family made my cello bow. I have reason to believe it was made by Franz Albert Nürnberger II based on my research, but I am by no means an expert, nor am I anywhere close to being one. I have attached detailed photos of the bow and have enhanced the brands for your reference. There are three brands on the stick - “ALBERT NÜRNBERGER” in a sans-serif font above the frog, "1896" and "No. 5729" on the underside of the frog. As I understand it, the sans-serif font was used by Franz Jr. from 1884 when he took over the business until around 1910, when the serif font began to be used. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Hi everyone, I need your help Recently I purchased a cello and I would like to know more of its origin. I did try to find some info about the make but I couldn't find anything except that the maker had made some Viola D'Amores. Although the label is most probably fake, because it does not coincide with the years of the maker's life. However, would be great if someone can help me to identify where and approximately when the cello was made Thank you I attached some pictures below
  3. Hello all, I have been in possession of this violin for a few years and know next to nothing about it. Im hoping that you wonderful people will be able to help me get to know it better! I have had no luck trying to decipher the writing/signature on the label. Any information about its maker(s), quality and value would be gratefully received.
  4. Hello, I would like to ask you for violin identification and other information about this violin. Unfortunately I have no more pictures. Thank you
  5. Hi all, I have recently acquired an old violin with a rather complex history. The sound of the violin was what attracted me to it in the first place but after doing some research, it seemingly might be more interesting. It seems to have an old Wurtlitzer label and in his 1931 catalogue, he seemed to have listed it as a Joseph Guadagnini. I’m wondering if anyone can help shed some light on the maker of this rather remarkable but unusual instrument. Thanks, Anthony
  6. Hello, I would like to ask you for identification of author of this violin: For me, the only readable information on the fabric mark is "Lyon 189(6?)". I can also read there something like "A'r(or v)cci.' Thank you very much in advance!
  7. Hello! Could someone help me identifying this violin? Craftmanship seem to be mediocre. May be Schombach? What age could it be? Thank you all in advance.
  8. Hello all. This is my first post so please be kind. I have a violin (handed down to me) labelled H. DERAZEY and in very good condition. I can find some info online but aware the name was bought and continued after his death. Any info on what those more knowledgeable than me think of this violin would be great. I've played for 30 years, although wouldn't consider myself proficient by any stretch, even so this instrument sounds beautiful (compared with a copy strad which was until now my favourite). I will attempt to attach some photos. Thank you in advance.
  9. Tiene 35,5 de largo, ancho superior 16,8, ancho inferior 20,5 y 11,2 en el centro. En el interior hay un VP marcado con fuego dentro de un óvalo. En el botón también. Está certificado por la primera mitad del XIX e Italia, pero su origen es incierto. Quizás de alguna escuela del norte de Italia. Muchas gracias de antemano por tu ayuda. ps He tomado las fotos siguiendo las instrucciones de este foro y usando un Flash externo rebotado sobre un fondo negro. Galería de fotos Full Resolution Muestra de sonido https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yw5xqj7joLMpHE9BQ8SDSaU0F_2LU4kQ/view?usp=sharing
  10. Hello! Father of a teenage violinist; extremely amateurish guitarist; music lover; admirer of serious artisans/craftspersons; and generally too-curious-for-my-own-good individual making my first posting on Maestronet here. I have been reading Pegbox threads for a couple of weeks now hoping to glean information going into the process of acquiring a full-size violin and bow for my thirteen-year-old daughter. Really impressed by and appreciative of the knowledge shared here, despite not feeling like I am absorbing much of it! I’ve got an “I don’t think it’s what it says it is but also have no idea what it might really be” instrument situation. Being in the market for a full-size violin, I have been trying to pick up some identification tips from previous Pegbox threads, but I’m just getting my feet wet here and can’t make sense of this violin: https://www.ebay.com/itm/fine-old-violin-C-Bisiach-1928-violon-italian-viola-alte-geige-4-4/124541535772 I’m going to go ahead and write out what I have been thinking that leads me to doubt that this is a C. Bisiach violin but is not making my any the wiser as to what I am looking at. Quite likely all wrong but that’s why I’m askin’! The thing that seems most incongruous to me is the scroll; head is almost comically tiny compared to scrolls I’ve looked up by this maker, throat is super short, and the tail turns too far back in the direction of the button. Close second in raising suspicions is the color and “darkening” along the C-bouts of the varnish which again just doesn’t fit with the range of finishes I’ve seen on C. Bisiach violins on auction house and reputable seller sites. F holes are rather squat in overall proportions with anemic lower eyes? Shoulders too wide and rounded all the way to the button? Please add to / correct any of that and help me see what about this violin should be telling where it comes from and maybe when! Markneukirchen? Mirecourt? China? 1920? Yesterday? Thanks! Ben
  11. Hello, Please see images below... this violin has gone in for repair - would really appreciate any comments on when and where it might have been made. Also possible value? Please may you also include what identifies it ( I am new here, curious and eager to learn!)
  12. Anyone recognize this maker stamp? The label is entirely illegible, the stamp bears the letters C G. The instrument is of very good quality, mid to late 19th century. I suspect one of the Gands, but have yet to find evidence of this stamp in anything.
  13. Hi, Trying to learn more about my husband's grandmother's violin -- any suggestions would be most welcome, thank you! Most likely she was given the violin as a teenager in the late 1920's and at that time she would have been living in Arizona or California. When it came into our possession, it was in an old wooden violin case. The pegs and tailpiece that are shown in the photo are replacements added by someone who had borrowed the violin a few years ago. photos of the violin That is pretty much all we know about this violin. Thanks again!
  14. Hi guys! I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if someone out there might be able to kindly help me shed some light on the age or potential age and value of this violin. I honestly have hardly any reliable information on it, and if it once had a label, it has long since fallen out, and been lost. I've had this violin for over 13 years, and I love it very much. It's extremely lightweight, hugely resonant, with a deep, characterful tone on the lower strings, and wonderful projection and singing highs on the higher strings. Here's what I do know. I bought this from a lady (here in the UK) who collected a myriad of stringed instruments, and had more than 100 odd violins in her home. I was only 11 years old at the time, but I distinctly remember trying out several instruments (including several Strad copies that she was enthusiastic about), and this one really standing out to me for it's fruity, sustaining tone. The others she had had thinner, more nasal mids, and sounded nowhere near as musical. She was a little uncertain about the history of this violin, other than - if memory serves - telling me that she thought the instrument to be approximately 150 years old back then (making it 163, today), and came with its original hardwood case (which is remarkably resilient, and looks as old as the violin, with worn brass hinges and buckles, a leather strap and what remains of a green velvet lining). It's clearly been played a fair bit, and has darkened and worn down - particularly towards the right side of both front and back, where presumably playing hands would have come into contact with it. There is evidence of a single crack to the top, that appears to have been repaired some time ago, and this doesn't appear to have any bearing on the violin's tone. There doesn't appear to be any joining around the pegbox-neck junction, but the ridge and carve on the scroll appears to extend all the way down into the pegbox. Violin measurements: A 356 mm (back length) B 161 mm (upper bout) C 111 mm (middle bout) D 202 mm (lower bout) E 3mm (thickness of the top centre at f-hole) F 130mm (neck) The bridge is a cheap temporary replacement, and I'd very much like to have a professional one fitted. It was deciding this that made me want to actually ask if the violin was worth the upgrade, hence sparking my curiosity to finally enlist some help and opinion regarding the instrument's age and potentially its value. I hope you can help me - apologies for the lengthy post. I figured it would be best if I could provide as much info as possible. When I was in orchestras while I was younger, all the other violinsts I knew would always comment on how resonant and rich this violin's tone was. I really do love it, and would love to learn more about it - irrespective of its value. Thanks again, and hope someone can help! Adam
  15. Looking for some guidance here, label says Paul Bailly but it looks German.. Sorry the photos are not more clear! Taken from a listing. Thanks in advance.
  16. Thanks for viewing my violin. Wondering if this can be close to anything the label says? I spoke to a local violin shop owner and he said it was an authentic German violin valued $3000-$5000. My biggest concern was the 4 digit inventory number?THANKS!
  17. Hi, I recently found this fiddle and am in need of identification assistance.. It came into my life all funky. I did not bedazzle it. After reading here for 3 days, I’ve learned a lot, but not enough to tell what I’m holding. The label looks super nice, saddle is marked an=25 Czech. Can’t see additional markings other than label (even with endpin out) Any Identification assistance would be greatly appreciated. I love it whatever it is, hope someone enjoys the pics, thanks! Violin dimensions (these are edge to edge) Length - 23.5 in - 59.69 cm Body length - 14.25 in - 36.195 cm Upper bouts - 6.5 in - 16.51 cm (widest) Middle bouts - 4.25 in - 10.795 cm (narrowest) Lower bouts - 8 in - 20.32 cm (widest) All corners are blocked (vertical grain) seemingly with equilaterals, linings run behind.
  18. Good day everybody, I would appreciate ANY help possible since my initial research have not yielded any leads. I am stuck as to the best possible research tools for my mini project. This is a strange but true story. I will make it short so as not to waste anybody’s time. My Dad purchased this violin in the 1960’s in Moscow, USSR. In order to take it out of the country he had to get rid of the label so as to make sure it looks like a factory-made violin. Over the years he forgot what the label said and the original price paid. The only thing that he does repeat again and again is that it was a French master. So, maybe the original label had a French sounding name. I came across some articles on French violin makers. However, none of the images I have seen compare to the violin in question. It has a single panel on the back. Not two panels. It does have a carved scroll. My Dad is saying that it is a larger violin in size but NOT a viola. It does have a very beautiful sound. I am NOT a professional musician. So, my apologies if the above description are in layman’s terms. Thank you.
  19. I have a very strange old violin. I haven't seen anything else quite like it, and I would love any information that would give any idea of age/origin, etc. There doesn't appear to be any label or other markings inside the violin. Many thanks in advance! David
  20. I have a 2008 Alois Sandner Model #8225 cello that I bought a few years ago at Ifshin. I'm trying to ID it so that I can resell it. I would appreciate any help with this! Thank you so much! (Yes, one of the strings has broken so I'd need to get it restrung)
  21. I can’t find a chart that shows this yellow and brown string. Based upon thickness for being a C string, I believe it is tungsten. Does anyone have an idea?
  22. hello! i am new to this website, so forgive me if there’s anything on this post that’s out of wack... But I am a high schooler who wants to know more about my violin. I bought it around 4 years ago and was told by the business (who of course sells string instruments) that this is a German violin around 100 years old. I’ve always been curious as to whether or not this is correct, but also- what are these weird spots on my violin? Many of the nicks and circular indents were on the violin when I first got it- it doesn’t matter to me, but I’m just curious whether or not someone here knows if there’s an actual reason for this. There’s no label inside, but instead there are weird black spots. (I know, it’s a terrible pic... that’s through the f-hole) I tried looking around online for any reasons for the spots or indents, but I couldn’t find anything. I greatly appreciate any input!!
  23. Does somebody could give me the autore's name of this drawing?
  24. I recently acquired this lionshead violin I am currently doing research on them and I just get more and more confused. As I stated in the title there is not identification paper inside the body of the fiddle that I can see. It may have moved however I do not have the tools to look inside of it. I want to know if there is any reason why I should not take this fiddle in to get repaired. Or if I should just set it in an auction on eBay for parts.
  25. Had this restored. It wasn’t in that bad of shape. The luthier couldn’t give me a name or an age, he thought maybe baroque. I don’t know why it has filled holes in the c-bouts and the three upfront. It came with a bow marked Vuillaume probably a copy. Thanks in advance.
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