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Found 70 results

  1. The photos are of an old bow that I have. The question is about what I assume is mother of pearl on the eyes, the adjuster, and the slide. I've never seen a bow where the MOP looks somewhat primitive like this. Is that just an indication of the age of the bow, or just amateurish workmanship? Since it is somewhat unique, is it worth having the MOP repaired when I get the bow rehaired? I've never had this bow rehaired, so I'm not sure if it's a good player or not. In fact, i'm not even sure it is worth rehairing, but just curious about the MOP. Thanks.
  2. ModMoon

    Info on Bow

    I aquired bo at estate sale. Just looking for information on its authenticity and worth ? It has an octogonalvshape and wood is in excellent Condition . Sorry photos aren’t great.
  3. jandepora

    Folding violin bow. Patent 4006

    Just for curiousity and to know if someone know more about this kind of bows. Here I have 2 collapsible (or folding) violin bows. I didn´t know that this kind of bow exits, and know I have 2. I read about Chanot or Pajeot and searching in google I found a patent of J.A. Adams in U.S.A. (1912) Any idea who could made this bow?
  4. my other question is if I change the weight at the frog (with the lapping) I change the balance of the bow so somewhere along the line I should look at the camber of the bow does any body have an idea how the two influence each other ( more weight more camber ? more weight different camber ?) should I make the camber greater at the frog if I add weight`? thank you for your ideas tartarane
  5. beluga

    Red violin bow hair?

    I was watching the Menuhin Junior Competition and came upon a violinist playing with red bow hair: I know that black bow hair can be used to better grab thicker strings, but is there any practical use for the red hair or is it just an aesthetic thing? Also what are the methods for turning the hair red? Thanks!
  6. tchaikovsgay

    Correct Way to Tilt the Bow

    Hi. Recently I encountered a harmonics passage that requires tilting of the bow, but I don't which one of these is the smartest way (and easiest way to recover back to normal) to tilt: 1) Tilt by rotating the bow with fingers only (I tried but this causes thumb touching the bow hair, which is uncomfortable) 2) Tilt by bending the wrist only 3) Tilt by OPENING the right shoulder only 4) Tilt by RAISING the right shoulder only or it's a combination of these????? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *P.S. I will be annoying you guys with my grauduation project surveys about violin postures soon
  7. Matthew Jones

    Old Bow Identification

    Hey guys, First time poster here and while not new to music, rather new to fiddle. I recently purchased this bow and like the way it plays. It is about 64g and helps me a draw a phat, deep sound from my instrument. The person I bought it from told me it was German circa 1910 +/- a few years. I bought it as an unstamped bow. He wasn’t sure if it was brasilwood or pernambuco. However, upon closer inspection I saw the very faint remnants of a stamp. But I can’t make it out. So two questions, based on the pictures below, can anyone make out the stamp? And do you think this a pernambuco stick? Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a bow from Tarisio auction. My budget is maximum $6000 (including premium), and it seems that there are some fine bows within the price range in this auction. The problem is I am not in the US, so commissioning is impossible. It would be much appreciated if someone shares his/her opinion, who commissioned bows at Tarisio New York. (Especially Lot54(Morizot), Lot81(Martin), Lot89(Thomassin)) Any recommendation is also welcome Thanks.
  9. Hi, I finally get my friggin' Up-Bow Staccato of Kreutzer 4 up to 80BPM, and Sautillé of Kreutzer 2 down to 70BPM, but I'm sooooooo curious about the relationship (family) between these crazy bow strokes... (even though obviously I can't work on a new bow stroke before I can control these two when playing up to tempo) Because in Chinese, Arpeggiando is " 琶音跳弓", ("跳弓"= Spiccato), yet, Ricochet is called " 拋弓"... Does it mean that Arpeggiando is a baby of the Spiccato family instead of the Ricochet family? Or it's both? (Spiccato & Ricochet have a baby together) thank you
  10. Kurmu

    Metal Bow fittings

    I inheritted this bow from my grandmother, possibly purchased in the early 1900's. Can anyone identify the maker? It was bought in Argentina possibly from M. Viret, the luthier. Is it worth re-hairing?
  11. fiddlerbox

    Bow ID?

    Long time lurker, finally coming across some interesting items. I came across a french bow from a violin shop that was very interesting to my eye and plays very well. It is a tortoise shell, gold mounted, with a "Y? V?" stamp under the stick. What do you guys think? Is this a legit bow or not?
  12. MJL

    Violin bow balance/weight

    Hello! I am trying to figure out if using a different bow would make a difference in playing the violin. I have used the same bow for 10+ years, and I have always had issues with the bow bouncing on long notes (and worse with vibrato). I have tried to fix my bowing technique, but it has always persisted. A few days ago, I rented an electric violin which came with a bow. When I was playing it, I realized that the bow did not bounce as much. Now I am trying to figure out why, and buy a violin bow that will make playing easier for me. Violin bow 1 (the shaky one) is heavier, with the balance point closer to the frog. Violin bow 2 is lighter, with the balance point closer to the tip. Bow 2's balance point is further from the frog, which means the tip is heavier. But when I actually hold the bow, it feels like bow 1 is heavier at the tip than bow 2 maybe due to the difference in weight. So now I am confused. If anyone can help me out and explain what difference a different weight or balance of a bow can make, it would be a great help!
  13. Marcos Capilla

    Bow identification

    Hello, i'm from Argentina, I have an old violin bow whit an exotic wood stick and ivory frog, and need some opinions of them to ID his origin and maybe his maker , I apreciate all the contributions, cheers!!!
  14. The bow that came with my budget but old violin needs a rehair but also a replacement tip. It's seems to be a decent quality bow so is it worth paying the amount required to set this up for future use? Is it old or just used a lot - leather pad has perished somewhat? What material was used for the metal the internal metal parts? Looks like gold but surely not? Happy new year to all!
  15. davidwchandler

    Bow wrapping device?

    I've run across this item, donated by Harold Hayslett's family, and I suspect it is for wraping bows? If not, then what the heck is it? How is it used?
  16. jandepora

    Another british bow

    This time I have this bow. It is stamped BILTON (?) Again, using the Jacob Saunders article, I could say this bow round 1820, but it looks a cheaper one from 1840/50. What do you think.
  17. jowl

    Engraved James Tubbs bow

    Any knowledgeable person out there who knows what this engraving means on my Tubbs bow?
  18. Joe Swenson

    Bow repair question.

    Got a bow in for repair and re-hair from the local music shop. The wood of the bow I just discovered is cracked and the eyelet, which is slightly undersized has such thin walls that it does not hold when tensioning the bow hair. An new eyelet of the correct thread will not tread into the frog because the stem is also undersized by 0.2 mm. Easy enough (yes?) to drill out the frog to the right dimension for the new eyelet. A 7/64 drill bit worked well on a tes piece of ebony. But the width of the new eyelet needs to be filed down to fit the bow slow but at least 0.2 mm. Depth is OK so I can leave the height if the eyelet alone which is where the old eyelet failed. So my main question is is the bow crack an issue that needs to be addressed any other way that gluing with hide glue? Or would you use white glue? The store told me this was a $600 bow. I am reminded of the Pink Panther when Inspector Clouseau destroys this grand piano and the butler reminds him that is a "Priceless Steinway"... and Clouseau responds "Not any more"...
  19. Hello. This forum had been such a great resource so far for me as a passionate hobby luthier. Sometimes you come across things and wonder if it’s authentic, like this W.E. Hill cello bow. What seems right By playing it it feels like it because despite it’s pretty superb. There is a little nick in the form of an Y in the lower mortise which would indicate that it’s by Sydney Yeoman. The varnish is reddish oil based. What seems questionable The frog is a nice piece of high quality ebony for sure but it doesn’t have that smooth polish. Or I would expect more of a polish. what seems off The tip is not made of silver but of ivory. There are no markings on the tip. And the metal bits on the frog aren’t silver. What do you guys think? Could this be real? It comes from an auction and bought it for 2900 kr in Norway which equals to 350 USD. It’s a nice price for a very a superbly playing bow. It might be dirt cheap for a W.E. Hill. If it’s real what would the value more or less be? And what might be the value if it were fake? About restoring bows. I restore bows. Rehairing and repairing. The silver plated winding should ideally be replaced and the leather too of course. If this is well done on a real Hill bow would it increase or decrease the value? Or should I rewind it with the original but worn wire? Greetings, Douwe
  20. tchaikovsgay

    Bow Holds???

    I wanna hold the bow following the Franco-Belgian style as I tried the German & Russian style but they don't feel suitable (comfortable) to me... But I don't know if my bow hold is "Franco-Belgian" enough? Or is it still "generally considered as wrong"??? A. Franco-Belgian "The (2)index finger comes into contact with the stick at the extreme end of its second joint, which is hereby thrust further forward to a noticeable degree. There is an intervening space between (2)index and (3)middle fingers, with the (1)thumb opposite to the (3)middle finger; the bow-hair being at an excessive tension and the stick in an inclined position." *Notes By Itzhak Perlman: -(2)index finger's second joint -Space between all fingers -(5)little finger tip rest on wood bent B. German: -(2)index finger's first line "The index finger presses upon the stick with its lower surface, on an approximate level with the knuckle between the first and second joints; whereby the remaining fingers are brought into the position thus determined, the thumb lying opposite the middle finger. All the fingers are pressed closely together, and the bow-hair is moderately tensed." C. Russian: -(2)index finger's second line "The index finger touches the stick at the line separating the second from the third joint, and in addition embraces with its fist and second joints. There is a very small interval between index and middle finger. The index finger assumes the guidance of the bow, and the little finger only touches it at its lower half while playing. The bow hairs being slack, the stick held straight."
  21. I am curious about the devaluation caused by a couple of repairs. Removing a frog from a bow stick can be quite a delicate job, and those who do it incorrectly risk the eyelet catching the stick and chipping it. A repair I often see on bows is some sort of epoxy filler to cover up this common mistake. It is not the prettiest of fixes, so does it have any affect on bow value? Another common damage I see is that some bows have warped ferrules due to a tight spreader wedge. How severe is this damage? Also what would be the effect of a bushing to a valuation?
  22. tchaikovsgay

    Bow Hair of Bow Strokes???

    Should we keep using full hair when bowing from tip to frog (for basic full bows)? Because the book I learn at first said "when bowing near the frog, the bow should be slightly tilted outwards (hair towards bridge), as the hair hear frog is tighter, which makes sound harder to produce" ??????????????????
  23. stephend4890

    The Development of The Cello Bow

    I wonder if anyone in the group could advise me if there exists an archive of images and/or information on French cello bows from across the date range 1800-1900? I am researching the development of the cello bow but can find very little information on the CELLO - most authors seem to think that there is only one string instrument - the VIOLIN. Any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance.
  24. Thomasgammeltoft

    strange bow with silver eyes

    I recently picked up this cello bow branded "J. Hel" on both sides of the stick. The brand looks original and although the bow has a head splice and quite a bit of handle wear, the octagonal stick is made of nice wood and the bow plays wonderfully. So well in fact, that it has become one of my own favourite bows rather than being passed on to my young relative as was originally intended. To my surprise, the eyes on both sides of the frog and at the end of the button are made of solid silver and not pearl. I have not seen this anywhere else, but is this common to any makers, or could it be something that was added later on to add weight? More generally, do anyone care to venture a guess as to the possible maker of this bow? I know that a lot of octagonal J Hel bows were made by CN Bazin, but to me this does not look like his hand, although possibly one of his apprentices - the head reminds me of Thomassin, if not the ferrule (provided that the frog and button are even original). any input much appreciated
  25. WoodwindFiddler

    Help identifying a violin and bow

    Hi all! My name is Alex, I'm an European pro clarinetist (and an avid amateur fiddler!) working in NY. I play classical music as a job with the clarinet but I always wanted to play violin, so a few years ago I just bought a cheapo violin in a pawn shop and began teaching myself (with the constant help of some of the colleagues in my orchestra) in order to play bluegrass (I super like that music!). First, thank you so much for this forum, I've spent so many hours reading you... I love it. Ok, let me go directly to the point of the question: Two years ago I found this violin in a garage sale in a farm in rural WA and bought it, I just like a lot the wood. For whatever reason that I can't fully explain, I really like this violin; I'm curious about its origins. any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much again!!