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Found 327 results

  1. Hi everyone. A while ago I watched the Vengerov Masterclass video, At 24:09 in the video, Corina Belcea started to play. I was really amazed at her playing, but more the sound of her instrument. Before I saw the video, Ive never heard of her. So I did a Google search, got to a Wikipedia page, and got some info. I wanted to specifically find out what violin she plays, as the violin in the video had this amazing, sweet sound that I've never heard before. Now I've heard a few Stradivarius violins, like Vengerov, David Garrett, Joshua Bell(Live), Anne Akkiko Meyers, Andre Rieu, etc. But the sound from the violin that Corina Belcea plays in this video really sounded different in ways. According to the info I found on Wikipedia, "Belcea plays a 1666 Stradivarius violin on loan from the Beare Family." So I again did a Google search, and found out the 1666 Stradivarius violin is the oldest known surviving Instrument of Antonio Stradivari. It is apparently labeled "Alumnus Nicolai Amati, faciebat anno 1666" He was 22 at that time the violin was made. Strangely, considering that this is his oldest instrument, I couldn't find much info on the violin itself. So my question is, does anyone perhaps have pictures/info/plans on this violin? I'd love to make a copy of this violin someday. Has anyone noticed a difference in the sound of that violin that she plays? Ps. I do hope the violin that she plays in the video is indeed the Ex-Back Stradivarius(1666), otherwise I don't know how I'm going to find out what violin she was playing when that video was made. Thank You for reading.
  2. So I was browsing eBay for violins, and I came upon this rather unusual, strange looking thing. At first I thought the picture was upside down. Can this be classified as a violin? Is it just an experiment gone wrong or does it have a purpose? What do you guys think? If you find this interesting, and have other weird violin-like pictures, feel free to share. It would be quite interesting to see what strange looking violin-like objects you have come across.
  3. Hi everyone. A little background, this violin is 1 of 6 violins that I have bought on Ebay as restoration projects (Sold 4 of those after restoring, I play one myself, and this is a violin that I now have available) Ok now to the question. This violin that I bought doesnt have any labels inside, but it is made on the pattern of a Stradivarius. When I saw the violin on ebay I just had to buy it. It has a beautiful 1 piece flamed back, aswell as lovely flames on the sides. The button (At the neck) was broken off and gone, so I had a chance to do my first button graft, and the neck was not attached to the violin. There was a few cracks around the endpin, and I had to replace a piece of the wood there, giving me a chance to do a rib graft. I also had to do a crack repair at the top left side of the front plate. It made a very nice restoration project. (Im teaching myself through the internet and books, and Im practicing on old inexpensive violins that I buy). I was wondering, what would the value of a violin like this be? I expect it to be German-made, but I'm not sure at all. For how much would a violin like this sell at a music shop or violin dealer who doesnt overcharge their customers? I know its hard to tell without hearing the violin, but from the photos, is there any way of telling if this violin is more valuble than I anticipated? The violin responds quickly when played, has a lovely, powerful, open, warm, sweet tone, and no wolftones could be found. Thank You. Hope there are some information that someone can give me. Links to photos: UPDATED!
  4. Can anyone tell me if this is typical somewhere, at sometime? The violin is branded "Ole Bull" and the neck/upper block are all one piece, and a wedge driven in behind the ribs (see photo) on either side. The violin also has no corner blocks, and the shape more closely lines up with a Guarneri pattern. I'm looking to validate the age, and perhaps area of origin. Any insights greatly appreciated. Thanks for anything you can tell me. Dave Chandler
  5. First of all, hello to everybody, I'm new here on maestronet, I have been a lont-time lurker, and I finally have something to post about. I have currently taken this violin out on a 1-week trial: The price is roughly USD$500 (I have already paid it, but have been given a 1 week return period). The violin is unlabelled, but as you can see on the photos, it has "cm" stamped on the back right below the neck. The scroll is fluted all the way, the instrument seems to have its corner blocks, real purfling, etc. Anyways, me being no expert on violin construction, I'd sure like to see what the members on this forum think. Is it factory-made, workshop, handmade? And of, course, is $500 a good deal on this instrument? If necessary I'm willing to upload more detailed photos than those on the auction website. Thanks in advance for your answers...
  6. The Animato International Violin Competition is little known around the world, but has a very generous prize purse as well as the top performer is given the opportunity to play with a full orchestra commanded by John Curro and receives a Guarneri replica violin, handcrafted by Konrad Kohlert, valued at $20,000 AUD The Animato International Violin Competition is for violin players 17 and under as of the 24 November 2013. This year's competition will be held over the 22-24 November weekend in the historic Old Museum Building, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The final performance will be on 24 November, 2pm. To see the repertoire list as well as the full details, please visit the competition page here ---->'>[EDIT]
  7. Hey, still trying to buy my first violin. Looking for one around the 750-1000 price range. Looking at a August Kohr k565 that I found for under $700. Does anyone have any other violin suggestions, or advice.
  8. Shuba

    What a violin?

    Good afternoon. Could you shed some light on my instrument: he was in the restoration, etiquette master is absent (in its place - only visible traces of glue), just above the tracks, glued paper etiquette and the inscription on it - Viola d'amore Caix d 'HERVELOIS 1750 Musksektion d.Staatsverlages № 9. Ahead of 1750 was still any sign, but most likely it scraped. Who could make this tool for Caix d'HERVELOIS? And that may mean - Musksektion d.Staatsverlages № 9. As far as I know, after the death of Caix d'HERVELOIS left 30 of his instruments, there is somewhere a detailed list of them. Could it be that this tool, one from this list?
  9. I have violin with label: Ignatius Cristianus Partl fecit Vienna 1786. Anybody knows how much it can cost? I would like to sell it. I have photos of it (don't know how to put images here in this topic). If anybody is interesting in it I can send them.
  10. I'm planning on viewing and possibly purchasing the violin pictured and am curious on whether anyone can tell me anything about it. The seller told me over the phone that there's a number written inside, but no label, and he can't see the number clearly. He found it in his deceased parents' closet when he was cleaning out the house and doesn't know anything about it. I thought the purfling work was unique and might be a clue in identifying it. Of course, the sound will make all the difference on whether I buy it (he wants $150), but it's always nice to know more about an instrument. The photos are from his online listing. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  11. I have recently inherited an old violin from my Grandmother. It was originally restored in 1938 by "Eugene Knowles" and restored again a few years ago. It almost identically resembles some of the "Violins of Hope" that have been restored by Amnon Weinstein. I am not sure of the original maker of the violin or the year it was made. Could this be of any real value? Please take a look at the link I have here to see pictures of the violin. Thank you ! Best Regards, Dave Bell
  12. Hello All, I've been lurking for a bit and joined up because I think you may be able to help me figure out more about my great-grandfather's violin. Link to Photobucket albulm: It's label is gone, written in fountain pen is 1892. It has real lower blocks but no uppers, a proper neck block, fake graft lines on the pegbox, and the bass bar is glued in. It looks like the back was refinished because it's just too clean and I can see brush strokes. There is a repair mark (I think) from August 1922 I just can't make out what all it says: There is also some sort of marking on the button that I can't really make out, I thought someone here may have seen it before: I'm trying to get some of the remaining children to tell me if my great-grandfather purchased it here in the States or if he may have purchased it before he left Germany. Please feel free to look through the albulm of pics (some by me and some from the Luthier that repaired it for me) and let me know what you think. If you need better pics of any particular area just say so and I will add them to the albulm. Oh, and in case you're wondering, it sounds wonderful. Thanks again for taking the time to look and lend your help.
  13. I am new to this whole thing looking to buy my first violin. I have read a lot on this topic and realize that getting a better violin now will probably be more beneficial at least as far as staying enthusiastic. I have found a violin, but unfortunately do not know enough about them (I do not want to trust the seller completely). Seller says it is labelled Johannes Pressenda of Turin, but most likely it is a tribute piece styled alike. He also says it is a 1850 Czech violin. Any feedback at all would be helpful and much appreciated. Posting the photos in Link form because they are very large and I know you guys hate that.
  14. I would like to ask what is happening, scientifically, when "playing in" a violin. I have recently been given an old violin which had sat in a drawer for over 20 years, unplayed. Initially it sounded nasal and tight. I have been gradually breaking it in using various techniques, as follows - 1. Extensive use of scales in double stops, emphasising 4ths, 5ths, 8-ves. 2. Use of thirds, sixths, tenths, to generate "Tartini tones", also using minor 2nd and major 7ths to induce vibrational "pulsing" 3. Single note chromatic scales, using slow bows, playing as close to the bridge as possible, with as much bow pressure as possible. 4. Normal playing of regular repertoire, hours daily. Since beginning this process a few days ago, I have noticed a distinct "opening up" of the sound. Several notes already "ring" better. This is anecdotal, however; I'm curious to know what is happening on a cellular level, and why. --Are there micro-stresses or fractures happening in the wood? Creep? Settling in under newly strung setup? --Are the vibrations generating heat within the wood cells resulting in change? --Is breath generating a sort of mini humidity cycling? Thanks for any insights.
  15. Was reading the NY Times and came across this - it's little shops like this that add so much to the culture of the city. I especially liked this part: "Virtuoso’s cozy environment lends itself to lingering, and Mr. Hagopian has a selection of French chocolates and coffees on hand to entice visitors to stay a while."
  16. I recently ran across a scratchy, partial recording of Paganini's Nel Cor Piu on youtube performed by Natan Bondar. Apparently he is an Israeli violinist, but I cannot find out much about him. The playing the I heard really was incredible and I'm partial to Paganini...but I can find nowhere to purchase his music, or even any reference to recordings of it...or reference to him, for that matter. According to the write up on youtube, most critics agree that he gave the finest solo violin performance since the major "Hall Ha Tarbut" opened it's doors in Tel Aviv in 1945! Please fill me in if you have any info on this amazing musician.
  17. Hello guys, I have this old violin which resonates very well and is finely crafted. On the other hand I am not sure if it is an original Mirecourt violin or not. Can you help me out? Thanks.][/url][/url][/url][/url
  18. Hello Everyone! I was hoping you could help me with this violin. I know it belonged to my great grand father who passed away in 1920 so the violin must be older than that. It has the word STAINER printed on the back and also inside. And It has two cracks in the front, other than that it`s well conserved. I don`t know if it is a good instrument, or if it`s worth much, but i would like to use it to learn to play. Would you advice to repair it? Also out of curiosity, it would be nice to have any leads about When it might have been made. Where it might have been made. and if it is worth anything? thanks on advance for your help!
  19. Seeking carbon fiber double violin case. Will consider other material but must not exceed 5.5 pounds or 2.4 kilograms. Hima or Howard Core type. Gewa "Idea" and BAM high-tech would be fine, but need it at a much lower price. New preferred. Slightly used considered. Also have extra cases of my own for trade or partial trade.
  20. Hello, I recently purchased a violin by Camillo Mandelli. The asking price was $13K, so initially I thought it would be on the "less interesting" side, but it actually looked quite nice, and I couldn't find anything better under my spending limit (~$20K), so I happily bought it. I found in old posts that the less interesting ones have strange arching and hard, chippy varnish, and IMO this one has neither, but I am no expert. Could anyone elaborate me on the arching and vanish? To my eyes the varnish has wears but no chipping, and the arching doesn't look much different from other Italian violins I've seen, but again, I am no expert.
  21. Hi, I've been violin/bow shopping recently and I began to wonder, will the customer ever know the "true" value of the instrument/bow that they bought? Stores will definitely put some sort of premium on the instrument, but as a customer unless we have the violin appraised elsewhere, we're never really going to know the true value. I was looking at a violin couple months back and really liked the instrument (feel and tone), but the instrument was marked at $3500. This was over my budget. When I asked if the price could be lowered, the sales person punched some numbers on his calculator and very willingly knocked off $500. I personally felt that was a little too easy and probably could have brought it down more. Similar story, I went back to the same store to buy a new violin bow. This Nickel Mounted Marco Raposo was labelled at $650. When I said it was over my $500 budget, the sales person punched in some numbers and brought it down to meet my $500 budget. Again, seemed too easy. Is this a sign of 'good customer service'? Or the result of a significant markup in prices? This makes me wonder how much my "$3000" violin is really worth. Maybe it's only worth $2000 and they just pocketed $1000. Kind of depressing, but I might just get it appraised at another store some day just out of curiosity. Anybody else have a similar experience? For people that own violin stores, is there a general "mark-up" (like 20%) on the actual value of instruments/bows?
  22. So I'm a relative beginner at the violin. I apparently have a Laberte "D. Soriot" labeled violin that I bought secondhand for a low price a while back. I've been playing it for the last year, and the sound is very good for a low end instrument. However, the previous owner(s) treated it like crap, had some older repairs done (notably on the neck/fingerboard), and it needs a bunch of repairs (cracks, raise fingerboard etc.) that will cost around the same price as another low-end violin, and I'm nearing the level where I probably should upgrade. I've been wondering if it would be worth it to have the luthier do the repairs or if I should just wait until I can afford a better instrument. Anyway, to help me decide, I figured I'd try to see if anyone had any guesses as to whether it's an actual D. Soriot, since the only indication is a simple label with a typo and no accent marks: "D. SOIOT luthier ecole francaise" Despite being beaten up, the sound is quite nice and has impressed a few violin players that I've shown it to, and the violin itself came with a "FRANCE" import marked "F.N. VOIRIN A PARIS" bow, which, while obviously not a genuine 19th century Voirin, nevertheless might suggest a certain trend for whoever used to own this violin and paired it with this bow. Anyway, here's some pictures I took. Thanks for any advice:
  23. Hello all, I will offer many of our wood. It comes from the highest parts of the Carpathians. We got best class violin, viola, cello sets for the lowest prices. Master grade flamed maple : more informations at : For other instruments visit our page for go depper into details.
  24. Dear fellow Forum readers, What do you think of the following instrument? According to the label, which might even be authentic, but you never know the violin is made by Giuseppe Bargelli, a maker from Firenze. How about the varnish? To me it looks that a new layer of varnish was applied but it might only be the reflection of light. Best, Andras
  25. Hello, i recieved this vioin as a gift from a relitive. i was wonderingh as to its origin, and approx. age. there is no lable inside only a reapir note on the inside of the back written in pencil. that reads "repaired by paul k kissner portland OR Jan 1913" it looks to have all four corner blocks and is a bit more yellow to the varnish in person. thanks