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Found 22 results

  1. I've played on this violin since I was 12 years old, it was originally purchased in Europe by a family friend and shipped without the label, so I never got to see it. I was told it was made in 1918 and that's all I know about it. It would be nice to learn where it might have came from and maybe some guess on its value, as I've been playing on it regularly for over a decade and know nothing about it. Everything is the same except for the chinrest and bridge. Thank you!
  2. This is a Neuner and Hornsteiner violin likely purchased by a relative about 1900, maybe earlier. Any thoughts on narrowing down the year? Includes fake Strad label with "Neuner and Hornsteiner Mittenwald" cut off of the bottom of the label.
  3. Hi all, I wanted to hear your opinions on my violin with a label that says it is made by Lucien Dolphyn in Brussels in 1931. Can you comment on the authenticity of the label and workmanship of the violin ? Thanks a lot in advance, Satanik
  4. Hello: I'm new here and honestly don't know what violin I bought, what was the manufacturer, age, etc... Can you help me with identification? I require some more work - they are not perfect. Link: Is the back flame fake? 100% not. (My father taught me, if you're not sure, ask.) I know the difference between factory and handmade violins. I have no problem spotting a fake violin, a fake label, a repainted violin and an old violin from a new one. 1) I do not sell or offer fake violins. 2) I'm not sure of the provenance of these violins (handmade violin? - 100% yes). 3) It's been repainted - I'm sure it is 4) Modified commercial violin (I haven't seen such F-holes on a commercial violin since I can remember). Didn't they want to expand or modify them? In my opinion: made around 1820 to 1900. Old England or Tyrolean School Handmade violin (Amateur or Master not factory) Work both outside or inside the violin + choice of maple wood A+++ Anyway, thanks for all the replies. (I apologize for the English - my native language is Czech).
  5. Hi I have my grandfathers violin here which his grandfather bought secondhand around 1890. Does anyone know the aprox age or country? It has painted purfling and no corner blocks. The sound post and nut are missing, I think the nut was ivory. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a full size violin that was bought from Belmont Music Centre in 2013 for $20NZD and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it, like age or country or anything. It has a pattern carved in the scroll, and has an ebony fingerboard. It has no label inside. The case is made in W-Germany so I'm guessing it would be 1950s-1980s (assuming the case was the original for the violin), the music centre we bought it from got it second hand in the early 1990s. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I know next to nothing about the violin in general so perhaps that's behind some of the ignorance regarding this post, but I have been fascinated by it's sound and aura for quite some time, so now, after sitting in it's case for say 30 years, I opened it up and will pursue to become.. well decent! I am merely curious what this thing is.. I'll include the label; the date is suspicious, surely "touched up", but if "Made in USSR" is true then it would be fun to have the name of a potential maker if possible? Whatever it is, it strikes me as a former "work horse". Perhaps you'll tell me that I'd have a hard time giving this away but if there is any value to this instrument I'd want to know, that said, for what it's worth coming from someone who has never held or heard a violin up close, it seems well balanced and resonates, to me, surprisingly well and I do enjoy playing it so it won't be going anywhere. The upper half of the chinrest is glued and about to fall off, so I'll peel that off and see if it suits me better, but I decided to leave it in case it holds any clues.
  8. Hi,I bought this violin in the year 2000. The man who sold it to me said that the violin was 200 years old (I don't know if it's true or not), but didn't know anything else about the instrument. It has a very warm and mellow sound. I don't want to sell it because it has a very sentimental meaning to me but I'm just curious. Can anyone please help me with more information? Any thoughts on age or origin? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, My husband bought me a 1st violin on eBay, but I've read here that usually it doesn't turn out well. We can return it in worst case. It was listed as an "antique Wilhelm Durrschmidt violin from Markneukirchen germany. On the inside of the violin the only label is stamped directly on the wood and reads "Wilh. Durrlshmidt Geigenbauer Markneukirchen i/S." admittedly that "l" may be an "s" on the durrschmidt stamp, no paper label. I wrote down on a piece of paper how the stamped label is laid out inside. Back is one piece, top is 2 piece. I have attached as many pictures as I could think of, please let me know if more are needed. I has a hard time getting pictures of interior construction, but it has wood blocks inside at the lower corners, as well as bandings that go around top and bottom that look like quarter rounds. Pegs, chinrest, tail piece and fingerboard are all ebony. I couldn't get all the pictures to attach so I uploaded them to an imgur albulm. http://imgur.com/gallery/gx0APV9 My questions are when was this likely made? Is it what it says it is? What quality is it? and any ideas on value? I'm worried my husband overpaid and I din't want to spend the $ to have it set up if it's going to be lousy.
  10. Hi everyone! I've been interested for many years in the identification of old violins and have recently started buying and reselling them. I have a great interest in the history of violins and love browsing auction sites and violin shops comparing different makers, styles, etc. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for books talking about violin identification (by school and maker) as well as the current market value of the instruments. I have heard of the Red Book but was wondering what you thought would be the best books to learn identification and valuation from. Thanks for your help!
  11. All, I am new to the forum, and honestly I am not a musician, but my two daughters are. We have been looking for an upgrade for my older daughter, and have found a few contenders. But that is not why I am here. In searching, I found a local add for an instrument that was 'very old, German'. My apologies if I run afoul of the rules. Oh, the horror when I saw it in person. It has been stripped of old varnish, leaving some in the corners to add character, and resprayed with polyurethane or something. Even the back of the neck was varnished. Several cracks are present on the front (ok, that isn't the end of the world, but one may need a sound post patch and then many cleats), but some have been filled with wood glue and then sanded smooth. Did I mention that when the one crack was fixed, it was glued up offset from where it should be, so the entire crack (player side, across f-hole, end to end) would need to be opened, cleaned of old glue, and then realigned. End pin crudely glued in place. Open seam on the back/rib joint (ok, it would be easier to open it up), but some glued back together with who knows what, that was then varnished over. Rib was bulging along the one side of the end pin, towards back, neck seam open, list goes on. But the front, from the little I know, looked like it could have been quality at some point. Front was fairly thin around the f-holes (one of the 'delicate parts' of one f-hole was missing, and the break sprayed over). Bridge was decent. So part of me thinks 'run, don't walk'. But part of me thinks it would be a perfect instrument to try to repair. My background - I have done a lot of woodworking and metal working. I basically have a complete shop in the basement. Making a set of spool clamps would be easy, and looking around the web seems to indicate that making a plaster mold would be needed for trying to repair the front). I know what hide glue is and have used it. I also know not to destroy something until I know what I am risking. So - please see attached photos. I did not focus on the damage, but if anyone asks I can include some details of that. The question is really is this worth fixing, or is it worth taking to a professional to look at, or just hope it finds another home where it can Rest In Peace?
  12. I have what I think is an interesting violin, or rather the pieces of one, and I am hoping to learn some more about it. I do not believe that it has any particular value, other than perhaps the story it has to tell. The main point of interest to me is the construction of the top-plate and back-plate, which are both layered. Other than pictures, I only have a small amount of information I can provide. The violin was given to my mother when she was a young girl, growing up in rural Arkansas (which would have been sometime in the late 50s or early 60s), which means that it is at least 50+ years old. My understanding is that it was never actually played since that time. Eventually it ended up being stored in a shed for the better part of a decade during the late 70s into the 80s, during which time the condition severely deteriorated. When I was maybe 8 or 9 years old I got it out and "repaired" it. I glued the neck back on with carpenter's glue. I sanded off some really disgusting varnish that had turned to almost a black tar in places. I applied some cheap varnish and also painted the pegs and tailpiece. I mention these things to point out that those aspects of the current condition in the pictures will not provide any useful information (and may also affect those with delicate sensibilities toward these sorts of things). The tailpiece, which was on the violin when it was given to my mother, bears the trademark of Boonton Molding Company, formerly of New Jersey. Those are pretty much all of the facts I have regarding the instrument. So, it will just have to speak for itself in the pictures. I have additional pictures and can provide them if it would be helpful. I just don't want to put too many in this initial post.
  13. Hi guys! First post heren and I kindly ask for help in identifying and valuing this violin. It was bought 22 years ago, at that time I was still playing, but I had to focus on other activities and the instrument was left in the case for those years. From what I can remember the luthier who sold it said it was a copy, but I do not know how exact its source was. Thank you much! Rafael Mello
  14. Just wondering what would be a good plan of action... I was given an 'old violin' and took it to a specialist string store to get looked at. Told it was definitely worth doing up (for my daughter). Took a couple of pics of instrument and label inside (best as I could) before taking it in. Got it back and the identifying label inside has had the middle third of it all scratched away - gone! The repairer made no comment to me about this when I collected the instrument and I feel so angry about this. Also, the wood under where the label was seems very roughly scraped. Would it be possible this was already like that- or unlikely? After speaking to professional players, noone seems to understand why this would have happened...and more over why it would not have been mentioned. The violin is a Strad copy, so not ridiculously wonderful instrument, but still good. Should I be concerned about this? And if so, what would you expect to be done about it? I'm assuming the part of the label that is missing is long gone.... I hate confrontation and I guess I'm thinking nothing can really be done about it anyway. Thanks for your opinion. I'm not a string player myself, but am a School Music teacher, so I do know a few bits and pieces. Cheers.
  15. Hello All, I recently found this instrument at an estate sale and ended up bringing it home. It is unlabeled and unfortunately the seller knew nothing about it. It plays nicely enough and is in acceptable condition with the exception of the repaired crack on the lower bout. I'm hoping to get a sense as to is possible provenance. My own guess is early 20th century Mirecourt, but I'll let the experts tell me how wrong I very likely am. Thank you for any suggestions you have!
  16. Please help identify my old fiddle. No marks or label. Any ideas on age, type of wood, or where it was made? All help is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. This violin is being restored I only have pictures of what he has sent me. We believe it is from 1801 to 1850. He found this label inside anyone can give me thoughts or information on it I would like to include it with the violin. Any information will be appreciated very much. I have tried for a month to ID with no luck. There was newspaper clippings inside case I included the pictures
  18. For those interested in having a violin potentially identified (and not all can be identified solely based on photos regardless), please take some basic photos of your instrument. Photographs must be clear (not blurry) and well-lit (so details show). Do not have a distracting background (such as patterned tablecloths or bedding). Do not photograph the instrument from odd angles. Please provide the following basic shots: 1. Body, Front and Back 2. Body, Right side and left side, to show the arching 3. Scroll, Front and back 4. Scroll, Right side and left side 5. Detail of f-hole and C-bout (shows the purfling) 6. Saddle 7. Label (be aware that labels are often faked, replaced with labels from other instruments, and may be of little value. You may also want to add additional photographs of interest, such as a neck graft, repairs, anything that strikes you as unusual that may make the instrument easier to identify. A violin can be 'stood' upright on a sturdy container, such as a heavy water glass or jar or small sturdy bowl. Please ensure that the instrument will not fall while being photographed. Example*: *These photographs were taken by YitaMusic. I own the violin itself.
  19. Good morning In brief, I have recently come into possession of a violin claiming to be a 1898 Collin-Mezin. However, I'm not 100% convinced by this, mainly due to the varnish. I own an authentic Collin-Mezin from 1890s and it has an almost golden varnish that shows off the woodgrain beneath (see the two photos of the violins together). The new one, however, is darker and not well-finished (there is even a fingerprint in it!) Also it is untidy where the ribs meet the face and back. All this could be due to an inexpert luthier opening her up and having a crack at redoing the finish, I don't know. The label and pencil signature look okay, though I'm pinning nothing on that. The black inking on the scroll and rib joins, though, are somewhat more convincing. I have only had access to one other C-M so I'm in the dark here. I'm not even knowledgeable enough to know whether it's based on a Strad, del Gesu or some other shape... I would massively appreciate any help you could give me on deciding whether this is authentic or not. Thank you Images are in the following dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iwbroizpj3sdpi9/AACrTbhAJGMKSbjmmriYKOWSa?dl=0 I had hoped the light would be better so I have used ambient light (murky sunlight!) and flash to give as good a representation of colour as I can.
  20. Hello my good friends, I am in the process of acquiring an oddity, if you will, for my 2-year-old. After months of back and forth, bartering, and persistence, I've struck a deal with a local luthier and all around good guy for the violin pictured on the left. The violin on the right is a 1/8 sized violin and its origins have been hotly and extensively analyzed on this thread: http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/329805-oops-i-did-it-again-another-ebay-violin-18-another-bass-bar-crack/ - this is a good read with real opinions from experts around the world, including a beautifully written response to the debacle in french by Roland Terrier, a catholic priest, and our own band of experts (Herr Saunders, Dr. Swan, Mr. Face etc.) I believe the instrument on the left to be a 1/16 violin, does that look right compared to the 1/8? For now this is the only image that I have of the tiny one. The luthier is going to give it to me with 4 working pegs. I will cut the bridge and possibly get a tailpiece with fine tuners as I can only imagine the difficulties of tuning a tiny 1/16 with the pegs. Should I get a set of strings that is made for a small violin or can I put on full-sized strings? The violin on the right (The Frankentiddle) has full-sized strings on as we speak that appear to work fine. Thank you in advance for your analysis, comments, insults, humor, and general additions to my post involving this tiny little curiosity. Where was this violin made and when? I should have this in hand in the next week or two and I will certainly add more images. Cheers, BassClef
  21. This unlabeled violin came into my shop a few weeks ago. Who, what, where and when? Any feedback regarding identification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  22. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-4-Beautiful-Violin-old-Italian-Labeled-VARAGNOLO-FERRUCCIO-PADOVANO-1910-/291037241343 Still in the beginner stages of learning to identify fiddles. This violin looks MKN to me. Just wanted to have a bit of an idea of it's age. Maybe later than I thought and could be Bubenreuth? Is the varnish typical? Thank you all.
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