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  1. Does anyone have any ideas about this bow?I am thinking Adolf Nurnberger. Many thanks and all the best Alexander Stewart https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wT1UTu63ec5Tz4ZICVDMGPPSYbUwg7Gq
  2. I'm curious if anyone would have information on the makers of these violin bows, particularly the one stamped what I believe is "crescenuu" or "crescenuv" though it would be more logical to think it read "crescendo"If my brief look into the above makers is correct, the first bow is a 1920-ish German make by Karl Grimm in the late 19th century, but I'm stumped with the second how's provenance...any ideas? A good find in terms of value even if in poor condition needing some TLC and restoration by a luthier? Violin is a 1737 strad copy and not my primary interest in this case.Thanks so much!
  3. Hi, I am trying to identify a violin bow that I am interested in buying. It is an older German bow with what looks like the name Meinel stamped on it. The name before Meinel has faded from handling over time. It may be Wilhem. It is hard to make out. Can anyone help?
  4. Im contemplating placing a bid on this bow, but there is great hesitation. Its a Meinel Pernambuco- or so claimed. Heavily reduced price. But, is it just me, or does it look ..well..bowed? I’ll be getting my first violin soon, and have read that id be doing myself a favor to replace the bow. So here we are. About to start a bidding war. But unsure if its for naught. Feedback is appreciated *curtsy*
  5. Hi, I am new to playing the violin. Years ago I purchased an antique violin and bow and never bothered learning and have finally decided to jump into it. The violin I had restrung and that wasn't an issue but the bow I have, I am unsure if its worth it financially to have it repaired and haired by a luthier or if I should just stick with my cheap Korean bow I am currently learning on? The bow is marked TOURTE. I have searched here for posts about bows like mine and have found 2-3 but not much more information about it. What I am assuming from my own research is the TOURTE stamp on the bow isn't an actual French Tourte bow (as genuine Tourte bows aren't marked apparently) but a German bow based on a Tourte model/form. From the measurements I have found for actual Tourte bows, his bow matches exactly, except for the weight as its slightly lighter (due to lack of hair?) but the length & balance point are exact. I assume that they've matched the camber also but I haven't measured that. It is an octagonal bow, which I would like to hear others opinions on whether anyone here has experience with this style bow? Whether you prefer octagonal or round, is there a difference in play? I have attached the photo as a collage but if you need to see a photo larger let me know. I also know there's a rule against having a pattern background but I couldn't capture the wood grain or color properly or bright enough when done on a white background so I apologize for breaking that rule but I did try. The color is quite reddish-lighter brown and a bit darker than the photos but its the closest comparison. I don't know the type of wood, Pernambuco? or Brazilwood (not the Chinese type but the other part of the Pau tree)? or Beeswood/Abeille wood (Manilkara bidentata)? The front plate is ivory - can that be repaired or do I need to get another ivory one? I have read from others on here that its best to get an ivory replacement (instead of a synthetic material). It also needs padding & lapping and the frog (ebony/nickel?) needs to be reattached to the slide. Is it worth the dive to invest in repairing/hairing this bow? If you've been in my situation before, what would be a good price to have a luthier do this? We have an Italian violin luthier who's only a city away, so I want to know if his quote would be a fair price and what to expect. It honestly feels great in my hand, light and well balanced without giving fatigue to my hand, especially compared to my cheap Korean bow. Thank you for all your comments & suggestions for this newb, be gentle on my ignorance! All the best, D
  6. Any ideas on this bow anyone. The frog is pinned inside...no screws.Many thanks https://photos.app.goo.gl/jbwQ39DiefcxgTAN9
  7. After trying countless bows, I have finally settled on this "modern" german copy of hr pfretzschner. Price range was up to about 4.5K and this exceeded my expectations and was a lot cheaper than I expected. The bowmaker was not sure who it was made by though. I'm open to any guesses. I liked it better than the Nurnberger I had tried as well. It doesn't look like your typical German trade bow to me.
  8. Hi, Could someone help me identify the style of maker this bow head is shaped in? I personally think it is Ouchard but not too sure. Thanks!
  9. Says Albert Schuster but Coat of Arms? Isn't that H.R.Pfretzschner?
  10. Anyone have any idea about this? No Idea who Schuller is. 8DBB8B4E-27AD-49DB-A607-9FB25638DD15.heic 2B53ACC3-9F7D-48C2-B7DA-F33F1BD8CE14.heic A373B6AC-4587-4AE8-B70E-F63FFAAA8BAC.heic D501FC9C-DFC8-4AD0-960E-4BEEFBC8844E.heic 738783D5-9F82-437A-AF97-9ED267330526.heic EDB51D93-68C4-4353-8800-6C04245C9480.heic C71B711E-AC3F-46E2-98AC-6838DFDBF8D3.heic D3CF978A-E80F-41EE-86FA-573F890F5F37.heic
  11. Hi everyone, In my hands now an old bow stamped "Peccatte" featuring some characteristics of this makers family but nothing sure about who made it. Just the stamp and a good appearance that seems to be correct. What do you think? Thanks in advance for watching.
  12. This seller seems to be a source of suspicion in several posts... how does this listing look? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163642185951
  13. Came across this and noticed one of the bow’s head and chamfer looked kind of nice from afar... could this be a nickel mounted Herbert Wanka bow? Probably not. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163301652361
  14. Hi All! Curious to hear your opinion about a bow that I own. The weight is about 59 grams and is stamped Emile Ouchard. Let me know what you think thanks!
  15. Trying to identify this wood from a private collection, as I’m trying to learn... the tip plate looks odd like it’s been made with out the “tip-tip” adjacent plate. It looks really orange, almost too orange for any pernambuco I’ve ever seen. The chamfer looks pretty nice with good depth. Can’t tell if the head looks “stubby” like a Markie, or if it just appears that way without that little bit of tip-tip plating. I also know it weighs about 50 grams without any hair, grip or lapping. It does have a stamp, but I would like to hear opinions without revealing that, because it does not matter anyway, right?
  16. I am currently playing on an Arcus S8 and am wanting to take the plunge into a good wooden bow, but have had no such luck finding one traveling around, maybe I’m too picky. I had the chance to try bows by Fetique and Bazin years ago, though was not in the situation to purchase at the time, and remember how effortless they seemed in nearly every technique I tried with them. Since then, I have tried nearly a hundred bows but none of them remind me of those two that gave me such pleasure (possibly I’m a snob for all things French in the making). Maybe I should just stick to my Arcus but here are two that I am eyeing that remind me, at least by sight, of my previous experience with the makers. https://m.ebay.com/itm/-Vtor-F-tique-a-Paris-fine-violin-bow-Victor-F-tique-ca-1920-/183069126176?_mwBanner=1 https://m.ebay.com/itm/A-fine-old-French-certified-violin-bow-C-N-Bazin-1880-Tourte-model-SUPERB-/251799495720 I have had success going on my gut feeling, and these two give me that warm tingly feeling. Maybe that’s just nostalgia or possibly the large burrito I ate earlier. I suppose my specific question is should I trust my gut and chase the nostalgia, or just be the sad, broken violinist that can’t seem to find a bow that gives me the warm fuzzies emotionally hoping that I stumble upon one in a shop?
  17. Hi all, Can anyone help identify possible makers for this bow? It appears to be stamped SED????ON There is a sticker on the frog which reads made in France. Thanks
  18. My question concerns violin bow signed by H.R.Pfretzschner. Frog designation of the manufacturer. Is it an original bow or a fake? I can not find any information on whether H.R.fretzschner produced baroque bow's. What wood is it made of? I can only buy the bow I'm not sure about its value and originality. What value can have such a bow? Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. From a 1938 Wurlitzer catalogue. Never heard of them but at $48 it would have been expensive given that a Pfretschner was $10 and a silver mounted Wurlitzer for 35
  20. I was surprised to learn of this new offering from Codabow they're calling the "Marquise GS." But apparently it's not really new. They're claiming that they've been making top of the line custom bows for select private customers for years now. They've called this the "Marquise One" line. One particular custom design was favored above all others, so they've introduced that as a standard model. It's totally new news to me that they did anything like this. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with Marquise Codabows they could share. http://www.codabow.com/the-marquise-experience http://www.sharmusic.com/Bows/Violin/Advanced-500--5K/CodaBow-Marquise-GS-Violin-Bow-4-4-Size.axd#sthash.v9FLby51.dpbs
  21. Hi, I should start by saying I am not a musician, I wanted desperately to be, and tried many instruments when I was younger but I am apparently completely talent-less, so I may struggle with industry terms..... I bought the following at a recent auction on a whim (yes i know dumb) because i thought it was just elegant, and love tactile things... (again yes i know) I just wanted to try and identify if it is only worthy of wall decoration, or if I should be doing something else with it. My total investment was £50, and so I am very happy if it is just for decoration, but I thought I should try to find out more about it. Thanks in advance for any help! Simon (these were just taken quickly with my phone, I can get better pics if that helps more...) it is just short of 75cm from the base, across the bow to the tip, and weighs just shy of 60grams.
  22. Hey Maybe someone can help me identify a violin bow Which is called J.P GUIVIER . I know that J.P GUIVIER is the name of a Famous violin shop but I did not see violin bows with their stamp In the past . Maybe the bow can be linked to the violin shop ? Can anyone help me by pictures assess its value ? Thanks in advance http://jpg.co.il/download/56b60ba93f3d1.jpg http://jpg.co.il/download/56b60bd5f406d.jpg http://jpg.co.il/download/56b60bfaa9ffd.jpg http://jpg.co.il/download/56b60c19a39e2.jpg
  23. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Violin-viola-bows-Lot-of-14-/381298782718?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58c72db1fe "A motley assortment of bows. For parts. Or staking tomatoes or vampires." What a neat use for all those broken bows lying around.
  24. I am trying to thinning a round violin bow. Any alternative ways? With the iron file is what I usually do when making bows. 4-8gonal and then round.
  25. My dad brought home a 1/4 size bow for me from his trip to the Skinner's auction. It's an adorable little bow. I recently did a double chaval on the frog of a 2/4 size but this bow is even smaller. This one didn't need much work just a new tip, slide, wrap, thumbgrip and a ridiculous about on straightening and camber. To give you an idea of size I took pictures of the head and frog next to a quarter. Old tip New tip Frog had to have a new slide, and the ferrule reshaped. The button was covered in scratches like it had been chewed on. Doesn't it look better now? Now I just have to rehair, straighten, camber, wrap and thumbgrip. I'm thinking Teal and silver tinsel for fun.
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