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Found 9 results

  1. Yes...I realize this likely another really dumb question...but I've only had one coffee so far and I'm willing to risk ridicule...so what the hey! Could you tune a violin a 5th higher? So instead of having G, D, A and E...you'd have D, A, E and B strings. If this is possible...and if I want to try on a spare violin, do I use an E string for the B and then just tighten it appropriately? Or would it just break at that tension? Is there some other string I could try? Would I risk damaging anything else? And for those wondering why I'm wondering...it's to help with visualization/tone of notes (steps and half-steps) in the nose-bleed section. Or I could just go and dust off my mandolin...
  2. Good day everyone, i decided to pickup the cello about a month ago. i quit smoking and was looking for a reward/ distraction. Ive played electric bass off and on for 20 years. I purchased a super cheap cello on eBay and im in love. Tuning this new instrument has proven to be a pain. getting accustomed to the friction tuners is a struggle. I used my tuner that i have for my basses and guitars. Then i downloaded a tuner app and then another. All three are giving me different results. any advice on a specific tuner/ app that works best for cello. Im about to download a tone generator so i can just match the notes. any advice is greatly appreciated, john
  3. I've posted this to Pegbox instead of Fingerboard because, although my issue is playing, I suspect my solution lies in my equipment. I started playing cello about a year ago. The most difficult part I've found is getting a nice tone at the start of each note. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the bow grabs the string and holds it for a bit before it lets go. It is worse for the low strings, for when the bow is closer to the bridge, for playing higher tones on each string, and for slurs. So, slurs on the higher notes on the C string sound really really bad. I am not sure how to resolve it. I've tried various things suggested by my teacher but they don't seem to work. It's frustrating because I know that I can improve other parts of my playing by practising. But practising doesn't help if I don't know what to practise. Then last week I tried my teacher's cello (with my bow) and it was wonderful - this issue almost completely disappeared. So, it is mostly an equipment issue, not me. I have an inexpensive (read cheap) laminated student cello. I cannot afford to buy a good quality solid wood one yet. But, is there anything I can get adjusted or done to my cello by a luthier that would help? What would be the biggest differences between my teacher's cello and mine that would cause this issue? Thanks, a newbie
  4. Hi Tuning problems! I'm very very inexperienced, took about ten lessons but couldn't afford to continue, so trying to teach myself. I also have a comparatively cheap violin - think it cost about £100. I use the fine tuners as much as I can, but inevitably I have to use the pegs. The pegs don't turn smoothly however - they're really stiff and 'jumpy'. I have to exert quite a lot of pressure to get them to turn, then they turn suddenly and I've a broken string on my hands. Or I get it tuned, but then the pegs just slip and unwind again. I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube about tuning, but everyone's pegs seem to turn easily and then stay put. Tried all sorts of methods, pushing/twisting simultaneously, pulling out slightly, turning, then pushing back in - no avail! This has cost me quite a bit in repairs as I am too inexperienced to attempt it myself - would probably do more harm than good. What am I doing wrong!? Any help much appreciated!
  5. I am NOT affiliated with this app - and I am not an "app" loving person in general- but I was just introduced to Tunable - and I am a fan! $5 well spent! I really like the visual aspect (great for vibrato). The metronome is great because I can see it even when I can't hear it - which has been an on-going issue for me. And this is the first tuner I have used that didn't go cuckoo with overtones! It won't replace my other tuner/metronome - but is a great addition to my arsenal.
  6. Hello to everyone, I have questions about the violin plate tuning. Firstly ; what is the modes ? And what is the A0, A1, B0, B1, B-1 ? What is the tab-tone and why to use and how to find ? What is the #2 - #5 modes ? and how to find these ? What is chladni patterns ? How to use on violin tuning ? What is the tuning frequencies ? Tuning methods ? How can I tuning the plates ? Finally; How can I tuning the bridge? I finding application examples. This is my end of year assignment. Please help me..
  7. Regarding the process of learning to manage your own violin, when do you teach tuning? I see a lot of teachers with a lot of kids having a queue of instruments that need to be tuned before recitals, group lessons etc., Shouldn't this be taught early? If the ear hasn't developed enough to tune by ear (and I still can't do it reliably either) a tuner (desktop or clip on) is easy to use. I've seen die-hards poo-poo this...but I don't understand why. If it's okay to have integrated fine tuners and geared pegs to help keep an instrument in tune and to make it easy to tune...what is the issue with mechanical tuners? I started with a pitch-pipe (which sucks) and a piano (and of course if you are playing with a piano, you have to). I can tell if my violin is in tune or not (relative pitch)...and I tune my own. But I'm slow. In a pinch (at a recital) if it's still a bit off I'll hand it to my teacher (who has perfect pitch in addition to having years of experience tuning kids' violins, lol).
  8. Nearly everyone who takes the time to look at my recent scores wants an explanation for the markings ... so here is a draft that names them and begins to discuss the how and why. www.hartenshield.com/intonation_draft.pdf
  9. I don't have much feedback from string players, but I've begun notating all scores with intonation markings. The recent "Romance" for violin and orchestra as an example. Dare I keep on with the practice, or are my string player friends going to rebel? Romance: https://soundcloud.com/williamcopper/0400_romance tuned recording Score http://www.hartenshield.com/0400_romance.pdf
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